9 ways having kids will change your life forever? 

How having kids will change your life forever? 

You would be surprised, no, instead you would be shocked to know how your kids are going to change your life. They will take your life by storm, will turn it upside down, and tell you the ways to survive, you never thought existed. If you are a parent already, I am sure you know what I am talking about. If you are about to be a parent, beware because these shocking facts are going to haunt you for your life! If you are planning to stop using birth control, you need to read this first. Checkout how?

1.You will be thousands of dollars poorer after having kids 

On an average, the money spent on kids school and education and their health care till they are 18 years of age is in thousands of dollars so its better to start a plan b for your income before you are not able to buy stuff that you want to buy. So expect to be a lot more poorer than you are right now after you have kids.

2.You will change thousands of dirty diapers 

Before having kids, poop and pee words were like a turn off for me but now when I have two toddlers, I am happy when they utter this word , mama I have to poo or pee because why not! They are in mid of their potty training because I want to get rid of those damn dirty diapers by God!

3.Less Intimacy with your spouse 

Yes ,just imagine getting quality time once in a month! Oh that’s just an example because in reality, you will be getting even less time than that. So beware as according to studies, couples spend 80% less time together when they have kids.

4.Did anybody say laundry? 

Yes.. This is the horrible one. You know till your kids turn 18, you would spend around 5 months of your life doing laundry? Yes hire a maid right now but if you are like me, no maid no help. Then get ready to face the mountains of dirty pants and sweaty shirts.

5.Ready to lose 44 days of sleep in first year? 

If you are a sleepy person, imagine losing your sleep over a glass of water  and when the color of glass doesn’t match your kids trousers or socks. Their nigtmares about the vampires when they spend all day watching vampire cartoons or a sudden hunger feeling that they need to eat a full sandwich right now..sometimes I forget even if I served them dinner or not..! Yes that happens🙂

6.Welcome to a different body! 

No I am not a Hollywood actress so I don’t expect my body to be like them but still, jumping to 4 sizes up after kids isnt fair at all? Right girls!

7.You cannot watch TV like before! 

This is completely fine thanks God I have a smartphone now but yes, I miss TV sometimes and that’s why when my kids sleep, I spend whole 3 hours watching TV and sipping on a cup of coffee and ruin my sleep because hey,, who doesn’t wana watch TV🙂

8.Get ready to answer around 200 questions a day 

Aghhhh this one is too unfair because I am not a talkative person guys, but still my pre schooler asks me more than 200 questions per day ..oh My God.. Yes that’s true, try counting their questions one day and surprise yourself. 🙂

9.More happines More love 

But in the end, its all worth it 🙂 all the sleepless nights.. All the dirty diapers.. All the questions and all the pain… your kids are gona fill your life with love and laughter . Trust me 🙂

Lots of love,

A very very Super tired Mom 🙂


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