I want my future daughter in law to thank me 

I want my future daughter in law to thank me!

Well, this sounds a little awkward but it is not in reality. If you are reading this, I am sure you are confused because why would I want my future daughter in laws to thank me? First of all, let me tell you guys that I am raising two boys, and both are mama’s boys in every sense. But I know this isn’t for long and one day they are going to leave me. For education, then for their jobs and then definitely when they will get married. So I am kind of preparing myself to hand them over to another woman, who is going to be my daughter in laws.

I have spent my life with a strict and irritating mother in law who was dominating, our marriage suffered because of her, but I don’t want to do that to my daughter in law ever. I am ready to allow my boys to love those women more, who haven’t spent nights with my boys when they were little. Who doesn’t know how clingy were these boys when they were in school and how l potty trained them. But I have to do it. With a happy heart or a heavy heart, this has to happen so why not happily?

I just want one thing from my boys, to believe me that their mommy would be there whenever they need me. But they would have to love those new women in their lives more than they love me. I expected same from my husband and I want same from my boys to do that.

I am a mom, but it doesn’t give me a right to over dominate my kid’s lives when they are married. I am not the one to tell them how to parent their kids. If they need my advice, I would be more than happy but of course, I would never force my choices on them.

What I need my sons to do for their wives is a long list. I want them to stand by their spouses when hard times come. I want them to defend those women, who will give birth to their kids. I want them to love each other unconditionally and without any restrictions from my side.

I hope I raise my sons good enough to understand all that🙂 I want my sons to choose their wives if the situation comes and they would have to choose either me or their wives. I want to be a mother in law that I couldn’t get. I want my daughter in laws to thank me for raising my sons so well.

I hope all the boy’s moms out there think same because this is what we expected from our husbands when we got married. We should support our daughter in laws instead of bashing them. Being a mom doesn’t give me the chance to ruin my kids lives just because of my ego and stubbornness.

Do you think the same way? You can share that in comments 🙂

Lots of love,



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