Dealing with a Miscarriage-What to expect! 

Dealing with a Miscarriage-What to expect! 

After I got married, I wanted to have a baby, for myself, for the society that never stops asking questions. I just wanted to be a mother more than the wife or a daughter in law. So I came to know I am pregnant a few months after my wedding and I was over the moon with joy! We were overjoyed and even planned for the nursery color and shopping and so many dreams!

Few weeks into conception and I started bleeding…Little did I know that it’s a miscarriage. My first child was no more and I as left alone with the grief and sadness that nobody understood that time. I was unsure how to handle the sadness and my situation. I had everyone by my side but I needed somebody to hold me and say, its okay mama, it doesn’t make you less than a mom! I learned to cope with it, but it took so much of time. Grief is lessened and I have two kids now but still, whenever the topic of abortion or miscarriage comes up, I am shattered to my core!

Do you know that more than 20% of pregnancies end up in miscarriages so just trust me, that you are not alone in this. There are millions of women out there who face same. Well, if somebody asks me what advice I would like to give to my younger self, or any woman out there who recently had a miscarriage or going to have, I would put these in following words;

It’s not your fault; 

Yes, stop treating yourself like rubbish and acknowledge the fact that miscarriage is something that happened to you. You were not the one responsible for that. You didn’t control that so stop punishing yourself for this loss. Be strong, keep your head up and don’t let anybody tell you it’s your fault, because it isn’t!

Don’t expect the same reaction from your spouse 

You are the mother of the child you lost, your husband isnt! So stop expecting that he is gonna cry or feel sad or end up rolling himself in a blanket. He will not do that because men always show grief in weird ways. They wouldn’t cry like women but deep inside they feel everything. So let’s not make this a competition that who is more sad who is less! Support each other!

When to try for another baby 

It entirely depends on your emotional and physical state. Ask your gynae and take advice and follow what she says. Take your time and don’t push your limits. Talk with your partner and ask what he thinks about this. Your doctor could tell you better and you will get to know when you are ready! Don’t overthink because it is going to be okay mama!

Seek out for support 

Don’t be a shy teenage girl and ask for help whenever you need. Be it from your friends, your husband, your family or even meeting a mental health specialist. You know what you need. And there is no shame in asking for help.

When will the grief end?

Probably never! The loss of your child, no matter how many weeks or months into conception is what nothing could ever fill, for mothers. But don’t worry, you will get over it and will learn to live again. It will take time. Some women overcome it quicker than others but that doesn’t make you a bad mommy. Everyone is different and unique, so are you!

Any questions or stories you want to share? Most welcome!

Loads of love,

A Supertired Mom






  1. My first pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage, too. It was devastating and I’ll always wonder about the child who never was. Even though I have 2 beautiful children now (my first actually came early and was born not long after the miscarried baby would have been due!), I’ll never forget the date of the miscarriage (4.5 years ago) or the baby and will always wonder.


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