10 things to prepare for before your newborn arrives!


If you don’t know me, let me tell you that I am a big checklist freak kinda mom! I make lists of everything. Like literally everything. Not just for groceries but even for a meetup, for a vacation, for my daily routine stuff and everything you just say it. When I was pregnant with my baby, like other moms to be, I was also freaking out and the only thing that helped me after delivery was making LISTS! Creating a list will not only help you keep busy but will save your time and the chances of forgetting anything would be ZERO!

Imagine forgetting diapers after your baby is born ..lol yeah that’s what I am talking about mommies!

Here is a list of all essential things to do before your baby comes in this world. If you think there is something else you want to add, don’t forget to share with us all! So here we go guys!

Talk to your husband

1.The first thing before you even think about anything else is to talk to your husband. Make sure you both agree for the same things after the baby arrives. Tell him his roles after and during delivery and post delivery and decide what to do and what not to do. Definitely don’t expect him to do anything wrong if you didn’t even tell him to do anything you wanted! See.. This is important OKAY!

Spend time with your older kids

2.If you have older children, it is very important to spend time with them and make them ready for arrival of a new baby in home. They shouldn’t feel neglected or ignored after the baby comes. Get them toys, new activity books and love them even more because after the baby comes home, you will not get time for that. DO IT NOW if you are already expecting a next baby!

Wash baby clothes and laundry

3.Make sure you are done with laundry and dry cleaning and even washing the baby’s clothes too. You may think the clothes are new and packed but they still need to be washed because a baby’s skin is too sensitive and washing with a mild detergent wouldn’t harm the delicate skin.

Cook and freeze meals

4.Cook, Cook and more cook. Yes that’s what you should do before your newborn arrives because later you will be too busy with him and nobody would like to order takeaways every single day and if you don’t have a helpful husband who knows how to cook, then this point is even more important. There are hundreds of freezer ready meal recipes online that you can cook easily and freeze and simply microwave when needed.

Organize your home

5.Cleaning and organizing the home is another thing you must do. I spent my last week before my second baby in cleaning and organizing. I tagged all drawers and cabinets because of course my husband needed a map to find stuff in home and that helped a lot. If your house needs cleaning, vacuuming, dusting or carpets need dry cleaning, do that now. This will make sure your house is clean before the baby comes and will save you the time you will spend in cleaning later.

Keep your hospital bag ready

6.Packing your hospital bag before your labour starts is very important. You don’t know when you will end up in emergency so your baby essentials should be ready and packed. Put diapers, checklists, your own clothes and everything you think you would need in your bag and keep it near your door. In case of any emergency just pick it up and rush!

Charge your phone and all devices

7.Make sure your phone is charged all day when your due date is near. This way you will not have to worry about the battery when you are in hospital. This sounds silly but trust me you need your phone more when you are in hospital. For clicking those memorable photos, for talking to your mom or friends and using social media when you would be lying down and boredom would be killing you.

Stockup diapers and disposables

8.Stock up on diapers and wipes and nursing pads and sanitary pads and extra sheets when these are on sale because after the baby, keeping everything ready at home would be so helpful.

A visit to salon before delivery

9.Don’t forget to visit salon for few skin treatments and a haircut and offcourse a pedicure because later you wouldn’t have enough time for that. Don’t take it as a joke my dear mom to be.. This is so serious because everyone wants to look good even during delivery.. Lol.. 🙂 atleast that’s me!

Waiting to call anybody, do it now

10.Thats the last thing to do.. Call your friends, your parents, your inlaws and anybody who you want to call because after delivering a little baby, he will not let you talk to anybody in peace. It’s time to do that NOW!

Phew…. that’s a long list but I am sure you are not going to regret reading this all !

Is there anything that I missed and anything that helped you for a smooth delivery and post delivery time, don’t hesitate to share? Feel free to share with me because everyone loves to sit back and relax. And why not! You deserve it mama 🙂

Loads of love,



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