PIXI Fast Flash Facial kit-3 Steps to a Radiant Skin


Being a totally non makeup person, choosing anything to apply on my face is a big deal for me. I don’t even get time to wash my face , thanks to toddlers and no helping hands. So pampering my skin is like near to impossible. Riyadh’s weather is so dry and its like an addition to the dull complexion here. I wanted to change this But after watching everyone out there obsessed with makeup skills and clear skin, I decided to try something really good.

Unfortunately, having super sensitive skin, even changing a moisturizer is a mission in my case. Could you believe I went for a facial only twice in my life and one time was when I got married. Lol .

Well lets not distract from the reason why I am writing all this! So I heard a lot of good reviews about PIXI skin care products but I was afraid to try them. I came across PIXI Fast Flash Facial kit while scrolling down my facebook feed and it just clicked me.

I tried finding it online and got it from Ayesha, owner of Riyadh Cosmetics. Within a week my order was delivered and guess what, I literally used the products! Yess! Not everyday but trying to be consistent.

I am surprised with the results I have got already. For those who have no idea what is this! PIXI’s Fast Flash Facial is a deluxe size travel kit carrying three products, Peel and polish, A glow tonic and a Rose fresh Balm.

It claims to transform your dull skin into bright and smoother skin. Trust me guys, I could already feel the change.

The Breakdown of this travel kit is here;

Peel & Polish Resurfacing Concentrate  

Its an enzyme peel that improves the texture of skin making it radiant, softer and smoother.

Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner  

This toner is famous worldwide. It exfoliates and clears the skin and the results are significantly brighter and toned skin.

Rose Flash Balm Instant Skin Booster 

This rose flash balm is my favorite now. It can be used as a mask as well as a makeup primer. It mousturizes skin to the best level.

I am already in love with this PIXI’s Fast Flash Facial kit. And I would recommend it to everyone even if you have a sensitive skin.

Have you used PIXI before? Share your reviews guys.

Lots of love,

Saima nadeem; A Supertired Mom


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