7 Reasons Why Storytelling is beneficial to your kids! 

If I ask you this question, when was the last time you read out a story to your kids, what would be your answer? The answer would most probably be never or very rarely. We find it easier to let our kids watch cartoons before bedtime and even in their spare time. The reason is that we don’t have enough time to indulge with our kids. The storytelling and reading books is just somewhere getting lost! 

Do you know that you are taking away this simple pleasure of childhood from your kids and depriving them of all the benefits of storytelling.  Its not necessary to read a story from a book, you can use your imagination or even your phone to read aloud a story every night to your toddlers or preschoolers.  

If you still don’t think its beneficial, have a look at these 7 reasons that you should never afford to miss; 

Conveying virtues and meaningful messages 

How often you give your kids a lecture that lying is wrong or helping others is good. The best way is to tell them stories with these morals. They would be learning themselves and understanding how good virtues help in life. These are lifelong lessons for kids and you should never skip them when kids are young and their minds are like a mirror. 

Understanding their values and culture 

We are living in an age where we don’t get to meet our families much. Reading stories with cultural values and religious messages, you can help your kids in learning these without any special efforts.  

Making kids more verbally proficient 

If your toddler is not talking clearly, why don’t you start reading to him? You would be surprised as it will work wonders 🙂 kids learn new things quickly. They will listen to your new words and sentences and will definitely learn to pronounce too. Do you want to miss this chance? Obviously no! 

To improve skills of listening 

If your kid isn’t attentive and his attention span is very very short, you should read aloud to them. At first they wont concentrate but gradually you would see the difference. They will listen more and understand more.  

Strengthen their imagination power 

Watching TV is a great visual activity but it doesn’t let kids imagine powerfully. Reading a story is best because kids can imagine and think more about the story plot and the characters. They would be more imaginative and open in their thinking.  

A base for academic learning 

Storytelling at home is a first step towards academic learning. If your kids love stories, they would love the academics and enjoy their school. It will be like a routine thing for them. They will listen better, understand better and enjoy whatever they will learn.  

Improve their communication 

Many kids hesitate in asking anything, in conveying what they feel or how they feel about something. Storytelling is an art that enables kids to talk more and to communicate their feelings well. They will understand how to start a conversation and obviously it will boost their confidence. Regular reading is one of the best thing your kids can do to be successful in becoming a good speaker in later life. 

There are so many more benefits that I cannot even compile here. Don’t deprive your kids of storytelling just because you had to wash these dirty dishes. The time will pass and will never come back. Just enjoy the storytelling time with your kids and you will see that only those ten minutes would create a difference. Don’t give up!  

Do you like to tell stories to your kids? Share your experience🙂  

Loads of love, 

Saima Nadeem, Asupertired Mom 



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