10 Reasons why Mommy friends are the Best friends! 

If you are a mommy, you would agree that keeping friendships after kids is really hard. Planning meetups, coordinating schedules and going somewhere becomes like a world war because your mommy schedule has actually NO SCHEDULE and it wont fit anywhere. Its crazy I know but that’s true.  

I have more mommy friends now and trust me, I have never had such true and stronger friendship bonding before. I just love my mom friends. I am still friends with my girls who are not married or who don’t have kids yet but these convenient friendships with other moms just have my heart. ❤ Do you have a mom friend? Don’t forget to tag her here and let her know she is special 🙂  

So here are 10 reasons I think WHY mom friends are BEST; 

1.You wont need to impress her with your clothes or your accent or your makeup                  because she wont be trying to impress you too. You can go meet her with a dull face and she wont make you feel bad.  

  1. If you reply her after a month, she will not ask you why you didn’t reply her. She would understand that a NO REPLY doesn’t mean you don’t love her,itsjust you are super busy and forgot to reply while wiping your toddler’s diaper. Lol! Infact she would be so busy to notice that you didn’t reply, the BEST PART 🙂 
  2. If you want to share happiness of that first tooth of your kiddo or a successfulpottyin washroom, you can always talk to your mom friends. She will be equally thrilled and excited just like you. Well, of course you cannot discuss dirty diapers, poops and pees, vomiting and stuff like that with your NON-MOMMY friends. Ha ha! 
  3. You can CANCEL your plans anytime and youwonteven need to explain that to your mom friend because she will understand and vice versa 🙂 even she will embrace in the end moment plan changes. Trust me, this is one of the best things I love about my mom friends ❤ 
  4. She will be there to listen to your rants if your kid paints all walls with your nail color and will NEVER judge you EVER! She will refill your glass when its empty.
  5. Need any solid and genuine advice? Don’t google it, simply ask your mommy friend and you are done! She would’ve been gone through this most probably so she will tell you exactly how to clean that marker stain from your wall and tell you stories too 🙂
  6. She will never MOM-SHAME you. Instead of shaming your parenting choices, she will celebrate motherhood with you. She will tell you if your hair need a wash or if you need to lose those few pounds.She will support your decisions even if you are feeding your kid a Mcdonalds burger because chances are that she had been in that phase too.
  7. She will treat your kids like hers. She will never tell you that her kids are better than yours. If you visit your friend and your kids feel likeitstheir home, trust me you already found a mom best friend. Your kids will love her more than you ❤ 
  8. Keeping your secrets? Yes please! My mom best friends know whenever I am angry or sad, I talk a lot, I complain a lot and they never share those stupid thoughts to anybody and would never even mention that I once said that 🙂 you can call her at 3 am in the morning and she would find a way to be there for you.
  9. Your mom best friend would tag you in all relevant social media posts and would send you funny stuff to make you smile on sad days 🙂because best friends are meant to be there for you ALWAYS!

If there is any of your mom friend with whom you wana share this post, don’t wait and share it and tell her how much she means to you ❤ 

Loads of love; 

Saima aka A Supertired Mom ❤ 

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  1. So true hun.
    I have two amazing mum friends and I can always count on them. Unfortunately the three of us live in different countries as life took us on completely different paths but every morning (almost) we join our messenger video chat (we have a group called the crazy mums 😂) and we have our coffees together showing our kids to one another and chatting about milestones, baby food or poop and any other issues we might have
    It’s amazing


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