Dear Strong Mom-You matter!

Dear Mommy! 

Today I want you to believe in YOU ❤ 

I want you to know that its OKAY to be tired and OKAY to slow down and drink that cup of tea when its still hot. Motherhood is tough but don’t let it overcome your happiness and smile. Don’t seek perfection in those dirty laundry piles or dirty dishes. Seek balance because somedays our homes are tidy and somedays they are not. Don’t get discouraged when your to-do-list is incomplete at the end of the day because if your family is healthy and everyone’s hearts and tummies are full, then these lists dont matter.  

Done listen to these doubtful voices telling you that YOU don’t matter and it wont get better. Trust me it will get better with time and you gotta be strong because YOU matter! 

Smiling when you are at the edge of a breaking point matters! 

Telling your kids stories when you are dying to sleep matters! 

Forgetting that pile of laundry and holding your baby instead, matters! 

When the finances are tight but you make your kids smile, your love matters! 

If your child is sick and you are going crazy so instead you stay calm, this matters! 

Don’t get carried away with the ideas of perfect body, perfect marriage, perfect job, perfect family and perfect everything. You know what is amazing? Its in getting up each day and trying each day. Amazing is when you are ironing clothes and your toddler is pulling your leg and your dinner is cooking in the kitchen and this is what matters the most ❤ 

This perfection is not in material things, its in those moments when you give so much love and believe that you are the best thing that ever happened to your family, your kids, your parents, your friends and everyone who is in your life. When you laugh and cry and share and give! 

Believe in your strength dear mommy because that’s what matters! 

If you find yourself behind these lines and relate to this all, don’t forget to read more at my blog ❤  

Lots of love, 

Saima aka A Supertired Mom 

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