Dear Overweight Mom-Love Yourself!

Are you sad? Because you don’t fulfill the society standards by wearing size 8 and fitting into those skinny jeans that don’t let you sit comfortably? You just want your previous body back! I can see that you are trying to hide and want to wear baggy clothes. You don’t want attention, you just don’t want to be seen by anybody who makes you feel bad. I feel you! 

Are you feeling stuck in the body that you don’t like? You want to be like those moms who flaunt their flat tummies and toned arms and everyone admire them. You again wana hide, but you can’t because you are too big to hide? I feel you!  

You wana stay home where nobody is gona judge you for your weight. No stranger eyes will stare you anymore and there will be no body shaming happening. I know you try, you try your best to lose weight. You try to eat less, eat better, exercise more, walk more, drink more detox water and get a diet plan but nothing works! Why ? 

Because you GIVE UP my dear and you judge yourself every morning in the mirror and just hold back your tears because diet and exercise isnt working. You forget that good things take time to come? You forget that you cannot see results in a day or a week.  

But again you are comfortable when you go shopping as nothing fits you. Either its too baggy or too tight or doesn’t look good! You promise yourself you will buy new clothes after you lose few pounds but that never happen because you GIVE UP! 

Reading stories to embrace your body and love yourself seems shitty to you because you don’t want to keep that fat, you want to get rid of that. Your smile is a lie and you are killing yourself inside. But dear girl, let me tell you that you are not flawed , you are not broken. You are BEAUTIFUL with a golden heart. Your family love you and your kids love you more than anybody else in this world. You are their world. 

You gave birth to healthy kids and your stretch marks are a reminder that YOU did that amazing job. You feel sad sometimes? Me too! We all get sad sometimes because its okay to be sad and cry when things don’t go our way. All of us want to lose weight and be like those women who lose baby weight. Wait, what? BABY WEIGHT?  How rude is that. No I am not taking it as a baby weight term.  

You have healthy kids, a loving family, a nice home! Do you know many people wish for that but they don’t get it! You are a lucky mama! Stop hiding from the people and be confident. Work out more and be consistent. It took 9 months to gain that weight, give it atleast 9 months to lose it. Does it make sense to you? I am sure it does.  

So lets promise each other today that we wont get sad after looking at ourselves and we will find ways to be healthy. Be it losing weight, gaining weight, eating less, eating more, anything! Healthy is the way to go. So if you are fat, stop feeling bad and change it because YOU are the one who can do that.  

You are not alone and just like your family and friends, I want you to be happy and healthy and enjoy this life. You are beautiful, you are best and you are fierce no matter what size you are!  

Lots of love,  

A Supertired Mom who is a little overweight but love herself! 

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