I am a SAHM and I use phone but I don’t need your opinion!

If you have ever faced negativity just because you use your phone, this post is for you ❤ 

Few weeks back I was in McDonalds. My kids were playing in the play area (unsupervised) and I was sitting there on a chair using my PHONE. There were more moms there and I got so many frowns from them and even one of them told me proudly that she doesn’t use her phone when she is outside with kids. I was like, OKAY!  

We, stay at home moms use our phones because it is the only way to connect with the outside world. My friends, my family, my colleagues, all are connected to me through this phone. I am with my kids at home 24/7 so if I use my phone when I am outside, leave me alone because I dont need your opinion. I have faced weird expressions from people standing in the queues at the counters, just for using my phone.  

I hated the fact that I was being judged for using my damn phone and who is the one judging me, another mom? Really? I never judge anybody as everyone has their own story and struggles they go through. Do you know what I do all day at home, as I am a stay at home mom. I work from home and I spend all day with my kids. Do you know my routine? Do you know anything about me? Are you my friend? Then why you think you can judge me?  

How easy is it for us, moms to say anything negative to other stranger moms. Your kids are unhealthy, your kids are ill mannered, your kids are this, that, bla bla bla! If you are doing something your way, please don’t expect others to follow the same rules. If your kids sleep at 8 and mine at 11, this doesn’t give you a right to make me feel guilty.  

At that moment in the Mcdonalds, a negative comment from another mom challenged my self-worth as a mom. But I wont allow anybody to make me feel a bad or a neglectful mom. My eyes are on my kids and taking breaks from parenting to check my phone is none of your business. I am multitasking and we all moms do that all the time.  

Next time you judge any mom just because she is using her phone, please stop, hold back the desire to give her a bitchy look and move on. Because that’s what we all should do!  

Lots of love; 

A Supertired Mom who is also a phone addict ❤ 

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