Dear Husband, that’s why I am angry!

I got up in the morning and you asked me if I am angry? 

Well, I am not angry! I just had 40 minutes of uninterrupted sleep last night. I got up 4 times to feed my little one and check the blankets. Yes I say that I am not angry but you can feel it building. Those dirty shoes in the hallway just outside the shoerack. Whats the purpose of buying a shoerack guys? Those smelly clothes near the laundry basket. Why do we have a laundry basket then? To keep onions and tomatoes? No please, don’t make me stop! Who went to the washroom last time and forgot to flush AGAIN!  

Later its evening and dear husband, you would be home anytime. I have to cook dinner and I am dreading the time I have to spend negotiating with my toddlers to eat that piece of bread or a vegetable. And guess what, a dirty diaper, just in the middle of the kitchen. I explode! Throwing that spatula in the sink and plate on the counter, turning off the flame and taking my kid to washroom. My eyes are burning I feel like I will start crying anytime.  

Yes i am breathing I am trying to think that this is a phase that will pass. My kids are gona leave my nest and there will be no more laundry and no chores but right now, I am FRUSTRATED! I am TIRED! I am ANGRY! 

Too often we see moms ranting and sharing issues like that. And what do we all do? We judge them. Oh you are a stay at home mom? You don’t have a right to feel tired, what do you do all day? Okay so you are a working mom, you have a maid and again you don’t have a right to feel tired or angry! Seriously guys? This is what we do and this is a cycle that never breaks. 

I remember my mom, she was such a friendly mom but sometimes she used to explode like a volcano and now I understand WHY! Do you know that anger is always a secondary emotion with so many feelings lying under it. Feeling disrespected, feeling invisible, powerless, sad and much more often lead to such anger outbreaks. I hope it makes sense now!  

When I am telling you I am ANGRY, I am not telling you I am UNGRATEFUL! For God sake give me a hug, listen to me, offer me a cup of coffee. I need that from you!  

(Content copyright:Saima Nadeem-don’t copy without permission) 

Just a Super Tired Mom ❤ 


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