For all working Moms out there!


For all working moms out there!

Dear momma! I see you when you are exhausted and sleepy at 3 am in the morning but you get up for feeding your little one.

I know, you don’t want to get up but you have to!

I can see your panic when you get up at 7 am in the morning and you feed the kids, make breakfast, make kids ready, lunch boxes ready, make your husband ready and then.. Yourself ready too!

Because you are a working mom you see..

I understand the struggle of rushing outside and being fearful of getting late and later face the anger of your boss but you are a working mom, it happens! Stay calm!

I can see those tears that you hold back when you drop your kids at the school gate and you feel guilty for screaming when they were not eating their breakfast. You miss them and want to stay with them even more.. You want to hug them once more, but you are getting late mommy, let’s leave and hug them after school!

I feel your pain when the home time is closer but your work deadlines are not meeting up and you have to beg your coworker to help you finish the task so that you can get home in time. Kids are waiting you know.

I can imagine the guilt of buying pizza while going home because your sore feet and exhausted body is not letting you stand in the kitchen to prepare dinner. That’s okay momma! Don’t cry.. I know you are dying to sleep but instead, you get busy with bathing time, story time, homework time and then sleep time..but you need that paycheck and despite hating your job, you have to work. I can see the struggle momma!

So here is what I want to say, I am so proud of you and I know you are the best mommy out there.

I am you and you are a wonderful mom for your kids, no matter what people say❤️
Remember that always 🙂

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