Speech Delay Signs and Talking milestones in Toddlers. 

Speech Delay Signs and Talking milestones in Toddlers. 

Speech Delay Signs and Talking milestones in Toddlers.


If you have a toddler and you have been listening to this quite often that your child is not speaking properly and if you got him checked for speech delay, this post is especially for you mama. First thing, don’t worry and follow this guide to find out if you really need to get alarmed or not. This is true that all kids grow and learn at different rates. There is a general timeline but not a set rule for any kid. Accomplishing milestones is an awesome thing but if your kiddo is meeting them, then you don’t need to worry about anything. But if your toddler isn’t achieving milestones even after weeks and weeks, then you should definitely talk to your doctor about it.

Maybe there is an underlying problem, but not the speech delay and visiting doctor can make sure there is nothing serious going on. Some kids are just slow in talking, whereas some are fast and similarly some kids make proper sentences, but some find it difficult.

I want to add one more thing here, for premature kids, the milestones schedule is totally different and most kids learn slowly but that’s normal. I always insist on one thing, being a mom, if you think there is something not right, you should talk about it. Have a look at the following speech milestones your kid should achieve at different age groups and if you think he is behind them and shows any of these following symptoms, go talk to your doctor.

Talking milestones at 12 months/1 year 

1. Your child is not saying, mom or papa.

2. Not saying no or bye bye or yes yes.

3. Your Kid is not pointing towards things like birds, airplanes, shoes, etc.

4. He isn’t trying to talk and not babbling even.

Talking milestones at 18 months/1.5 years 

1. Your kid doesn’t recognize body parts.

2.Unable to ask for help when needed. For example, if he needs to drink water or he fell down.

3. He is not even trying to say 5-6 proper words.

Talking milestones at 24 months/2 years 

1. Your kid is not learning a new word each week.

2.Still not interested in asking and telling things.

3. He isn’t showing any response to directions like fetch a glass of water or pick your toys.

4. He is unable to say two words together. Like cold water, sweet apple, yummy ice cream, etc.

Talking milestones at 30 months/2.5 years

1. Your toddler isn’t naming simple things like body parts, household stuff like glass, plate, lunch, bed, etc.

2. He cannot join 2-4 words in a sentence.

3. You still cannot understand properly what he is saying.

4. He is not singing back rhymes.

Talking milestones at 36 months/3 years 

1. Your kid isn’t speaking in short sentences.

2. He still blabbers a lot and speech isn’t clear.

3. He doesn’t talk or try to talk to other toddlers.

4. He develops separation anxiety.

Talking milestones at 4 years 

1. Your toddler is having difficulty in pronouncing words.

2. The use of I, Me, and You is not proper.

3. Separation anxiety is still there.

4. He cannot make short sentences.

5. Your toddler is not interested in learning new words and talking.

I know all of these milestones are just an idea and not 100% exact. I am not a speech therapist but my kid had a speech delay and I have dealt with it so I know how it feels. If you think your toddler is not matching the above-mentioned milestones, you should check with a speech therapist or your doctor because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lots of Love,

A Supertired Mom

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