Stop telling me BOYS will be simply just BOYS!


Stop telling me BOYS will be simply just BOYS!

I have two boys.. Yes.. No girl..! But that doesn’t mean I am lacking something. This is a sad mentality that BOYS WILL BE JUST BOYS after all. I have never understood this seriously. I mean what does that even mean? I get strange pieces of advice that I should try for a girl. a girl will make my life complete. Complete in what sense? I seriously don’t understand this and it baffles me.

Excuse me, I am not an incomplete mom because I just don’t have a girl. Yea I am rolling my eyes too. This just doesn’t make any sense! I have given birth to two boys and I am almost a boy expert now so I can tell you all one thing for sure, that yes Boys are not that much different from girls. Let me explain how;

Boys are emotional just like girls. They cry they worry, they care, just like girls.

Boys love singing songs at the peak of their voice and if you are a mom, you would agree that every other day, your home sounds like a rock concert, doesn’t matter if you are a boy mom or a girl mom.

Boys love playing, and I am sure all girls love playing too.

But yes, boys are little different too. They are fierce, rough, arrogant, athletic, stronger and a lot more. I am not saying girls don’t have these qualities. They have! But boys have it more. Just like girls have qualities of politeness, sweetness, gentleness. Every kid is different so tagging a gender that boys will be just boys or girls will be just girls is definitely wrong.

So moms, please never say that boys will be just boys, they are much more than that! Are you a boy’s mom? Let me know if you like this write-up 🙂

Lots of love,

A supertiredmom


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