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My husband is a big traveling fan and he always likes to be on the move. Thanks God we share mutual interests, lol! Before we shifted KSA, people used to tell us you will get bored there and won’t survive even few years. Honestly speaking, except Makkah and Madina, I had no attraction for coming to Saudi Arabia. But after I came here, I gave birth to two kids, I built a home, we traveled and lived in 3 cities and now I can say that those people were wrong. I love living in KSA not just because of Makkah and Madina, but for the beauty and culture this country holds.

So if you are living in Saudi Arabia and somebody tells you there is nothing to do here, tell them to STOP. I am sharing one of the best mini vacation we had at HOLIDAY INN RESORT HALFMOON BAY. If you ask me, do I wana go back, I would say YES!

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We planned to go over the weekend. Half moon bay is around 4 hours drive from Riyadh. We made our reservations using and finalized the trip. We left early in the morning and reached HOLIDAY INN RESORT HALFMOON BAY around 12 noon. Checked in smoothly and I was so happy to see the room. It was so spacious, neat, organized and the best part, it had a sea view. Windows opened directly towards the sea. Oh my! It was amazing. lol. I was more excited than kids to go out and explore the resort.

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Have a look guys, this was super cool. And that’s my husband lying down on the bed right after we entered. We took rest for an hour or so and went out to dip our feet in the water.

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It was an amazing view. Perfect clouds, pleasant weather, sea view, my family and Friday! What else I need to be happy 🙂

holiday inn half moon resort half moon bay
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There was a lane of independent villas spread across the beach. You can get a villa of your own guys if you want more privacy. It was more expensive than the room. Check and compare the prices before you book.

holiday inn resort half moon bay asupertiredmom
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One thing that my both kids enjoyed the most was the swimming pool. It was so awesome with a perfect view. We spent more than half of our time in the pool during our whole stay at Holiday inn resort Half moon bay.

holiday inn resort half moon bay asupertiredmom
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These breathtaking views and palm trees made this place so much beautiful that we didn’t want to come back. The staff was amazing, service was too good and the best part, my kids enjoyed to their full.


So would I recommend visiting HOLIDAY INN RESORT HALF MOON BAY? Definitely yes! It’s a must visit resort if you want to spend some time away from city crowd and noise. So peaceful, so quiet, so serene and pretty.

Check out the website for HOLIDAY INN RESORT HALFMOON BAY to book and make reservations here:



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