Things to stock up being in the corona virus situation!


I am a person who never buys in bulk and until a week ago, I was surprised to see people talking about stocking up stuff for home. I thought, we don’t need it!

corona virus

But we do need that. The reason is not because I am worried the markets would be empty. The reason is, I don’t want to go back every week to get stuff and then come back to my kids carrying the virus ( Allah na karay)

So if you ask me, what to stock, kia len kia na len? I cannot tell you exactly as every home is different. Maybe your family doesn’t like eating something that my family likes so choose wisely. Pick stuff that you really need.

Don’t just buy all shelves.. Leave stuff for others too. I know you must be thinking like this is the last time you can buy but don’t worry inshAllah that wont happen. Be considerate.. be kind..!

I was reading a news where they were telling that nobody can find infant formula anywhere and I was like if that happens to me, what I am gonna do?

So don’t be that person plz who buys all the stuff! Just stock up for a month maybe. I have listed down few things that I got, and you can get an idea what to get!


Flour ( to make roti)

Lentils of every type

Tea / coffee

Long life milk/ dry milk





Spices that you need

Oil/ cream/ butter

Oats/ cereal

Frozen stuff like nuggets, burgers, etc

Frozen fruits or vegetables that you like



Surface cleaner/ germ killer

Dishwasher tabs/ dishwashing liquid

Shampoo/soap/face wash

Sanitary napkins

For fruits and veggies, I just got a week’s supply of those. Same with bread and buns and fresh milk.

I did not get medicines for kids as we already had them. But if you don’t have fevadol or Panadol, its better to get it.

I know there are a hundred things more, so plz share what would you add to the list?

Just remember one thing, DON’T buy more than you need. Think about others. There are people who cannot afford to stock up.

And keep praying… remember me and my family in your prayers too 😊

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