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Let’s admit it! There are extra chaos in our homes. Our lounges are messy, our kitchens are dirty and our laundry is full. Across the globe, when schools are closed due to corona virus outbreak, this is one of the most challenging times we have ever seen.

Everyone is freaking out. Parents, kids, teachers, almost every other person is worried and there is nothing anybody can do about it sadly. But this quarantine is very important to stop the spread of corona virus and I am glad we are staying homes.

Although keeping kids all day home is becoming difficult day by day. My husband is working from home too, so entertaining them and feeding them all is something I am doing. My kids want to jump all the time and husband wants pakoray and steaks and desserts and I am going insane.

But I am working on a strategy that is working wonders and I would love to share it with you guys. I am sure you guys would agree and don’t forget to share your opinion in the end of the post. That will help me 😊

Keep a routine

As I always say, routines, routines and routines! Routines work for every person. Be it a kid, a teenager, a mother or a businessman. Sit with your kids and write down what you guys want to do. Don’t worry if kids want 2 hours screentime. You are in quarantine and they deserve it, more than them you deserve it. Lol. Make a chart, set times, chores, play time, story time, study time, Netflix time and anything you want to add.


I would suggest making a colorful chart and paste it on your wall. Let the kids see the chart. It will help enforcing the rules and routine easily.

Don’t forget about yourself

Okay let’s be honest, everyone is thinking about kids and home and husband but who is looking out for you, mothers! Do it yourself. You need a breather from all that corona virus news and homeschooling (or home playing) make sure you have a set time for yourself in your everyday routine. Be it a cup of coffee with your favorite book or reading Quran or a workout.

Choose yourself and make it a priority. Trust me, happy mothers have happy homes so you need to be happy first in order to take care of your family.


Limit the news updates

There is too much information out there and even if you want to, you cannot just stop thinking about it. so all you can do is to limit the amount of information you share or watch. Just watch the news from authentic sources and don’t indulge in mind stressing conversations online. Don’t waste your time doing something that has no positive effects.


Let the kids play the way they want to play

I know you must be raising your eyebrows over this but believe me, kids need it. They are at home for more than 3 weeks now and this is hard for them too. They need to release their energies. Let them play the way they want. Football inside hallway? Allow it. Make sure there is nothing they can break there. Badminton in the garage? Do it.


You will be surprised to see how good this will be for the kids as playing has so many positive effects on kids, we will discuss that in another post 😊

Play with your kids and spouse

Watching tv together and playing monopoly with your family! Oh I remember I have always wished my husband had enough time to do that. So now we have time, we have kids at home and now we can play it. So we have all our board games taken out of the cupboard and now we play ludo, scrabble, monopoly and so many different games invented by my husband.


Benefits ? you connect more and have fun. Hows that!

Have a sleeping schedule

Okay this is serious now. I know I am a night owl but I want my kids in bed in time. So I try my best to make sure they sleep in time. Now during the quarantine, lets make it a plus or minus an hour. But not more than that. If your kids wont sleep and wont take rest, you have to face their tantrums the next day.


Any night my kids don’t sleep in time, they are always lazy and moody the next day so I try to put them both to sleep when its time.

Be social online

Everyone is stuck inside their homes so you can be an online social butterfly. Haha. Call your friends, video call them. I allow my kiddo to talk to his friends and video call them whenever they want. Let your kids do it. Its important as we are adults, we understand this all but for kids, its too much to absorb.


Call your old friends, your family, grandparents and anybody you like. Use this time to build back those lost connections.

Things to stock up being in the corona virus situation!
Things to stock up being in the corona virus situation!

Don’t stress out and calm down

Calmer parents make calmer kids 😊 that’s so true. So in this time, when everything is so uncertain, try not to stress yourself. Stay calm. Although its not easy but you can atleast try 😊

Take this chance to spend more time with your family. Maybe you wont get this opportunity again so make the most out of it.

Stay safe

Wash your hands

Stay home

Don’t stop praying

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Hi guys, I am Saima, a 20 something Pakistani born girl who is a Shopaholic, supertired, coffee addict and an Expat living in Riyadh, Capital of KSA. I am a freelance writer, reviewer, influencer, a mom blogger, copywriter and oh yes, a mom of two adorable toddlers too:) I love cooking, baking, photographing, traveling, shopping, writing, eating and socializing. I am a big foodie 🙂 Come, enjoy with me, this roller coaster ride of parenting, childhood, shopping, and lots of happenings.

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