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Ramadan planner

Free Ramadan planner 2020 PDF-30 Days printable

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We all struggle with being organized every Ramadan. Managing chores, kids, cooking, ibadah, and taking care of your family is not easy to deal with. Especially when you want to spend more time doing ibadah and zikr but not getting enough time. And in the middle of all that, forgetting important things is a nightmare. That is the reason I am sharing this Free Ramadan planner 2020 pdf that is free to download. You can print it at home and use it.

I love this Free Ramadan Planner 2020 pdf because I created this with so much love.

That is another reason but this is a simple planner with loads of space to write down anything you want. Even if you want to make a long list, this planner has enough space. While creating this design, I kept it simple to use with light colors. If you want to download it in black and white, you can of course do that too. Click here to read about 25 Fun things to do from home when you are bored.

For me, Free Ramadan Planner 2020 pdf printables work always as I am a big person when it comes to forgetting. I make sure I remember everything by writing it down.

Now every day after sehri, I make a list of stuff to be done for iftar and throughout the day. After isha I get a new page from my Free Ramadan planner 2020 pdf and write the notes and menu for sehri of the next day. Isn’t it simple?

Ramadan planner

Free Ramadan planner 2020 pdf from the free resource library here.

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Enjoy. And remember me in your prayers. Share the post with your friends if you like ( plz don’t share the password as that would be cheating)

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