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Tips on How to Wean Baby off Bottle at night?

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Weaning babies off bottles, especially at night is a difficult task for all mothers. That’s why the Internet is full of this query how to wean a baby off the bottle at night? 

Babies wake up in the middle of the night demanding a bottle. To avoid their constant crying and nudging, giving them a bottle straightaway is the only suitable option. 

Some mothers also think that their babies are hungry because of not eating food during the day. Most toddlers are picky eaters and they create a nuisance while having food. 

When you continue to offer milk in night, they will keep on asking for it. They use it as a way to grab your attention. It affects their sleeping pattern, as mostly the toddlers who ask for milk in night are early walkers. 

They are unable to settle themselves for the rest of the night. Also, they show no interest in food during the day as they are getting milk at night. For example, a mother complained about her 1-year-old waking up at night hungry because the child is not eating food during the day. 

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Night bottles are the cause of night waking- Are they?

All babies and toddlers wake up four to six times per night. My 1-year-old still wakes up at night for a bottle and I am sure most mothers can relate to it. After getting up, all toddlers want milk bottles to regain sleep.

Actually, when you offer a bottle or breastfeed to toddlers to help them in sleeping, they learn this habit.

As a result, it will disturb your sleep. Therefore, the point comes when you decide that offering a bottle is not a resettling technique and there should be other ways. Night bottles are the cause of uneasiness at night time, so now it’s time to learn how to wean baby off bottle at night.

Wean Baby

How to make the Decision to Quit bottles

There should be a mutual understanding between both partners on this decision to quit bottles. It’s only you who can decide when is a child too old for a bottle. If you have made a decision, be persistent. Toddlers will cry their heart out but try to be consistent if you have started practicing how to wean the baby off the bottle at night.

Children are quick learners and they will eventually learn that they can settle without a bottle at night. As a result, they will start eating more during the day because now they are not getting lots of calories from night bottles. Some women worry about how much milk should a 2-year-old drink daily!

The answer varies from toddler to toddler.

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Bedtime feeds or Breastfeeding

If your 1-year-old old still waking for night feeds which are resulting in night waking, time to learn some genuine tips. 

Getting milk at the end of the day is the best way to unwind the busy day for a toddler. Bedtime milk is not a problem unless the toddlers are demanding it throughout the night.

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