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9 Fun things to do from home when you are bored

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Everyone is talking about coronavirus and quarantine and there are curfews and lockdowns and the whole world is falling down! So what to do? You must be finding fun things to do from home.

Almost all of us are stuck in our homes ( although it’s a blessing to be home) for at least one or two months more and everyone is tired of sleeping too.

Looking for some things to do from home?

Here is a detailed list of these amazing 25 things you can do while staying home and these will help you kill your boredom. I am sure you will find this list helpful.

1.Connect with your family and friends online

I know you cannot go out and attend those birthdays and celebrations but why worry when you can Facetime, zoom, skype, and use so many other applications to video call? Set a time and talk to your family and friends. Use this time to connect with your old friends. I have been video calling my family who are in another country almost daily. We set up our cameras and had hours of fun talking. Don’t let this social distancing create distance between your family and friends. it’s definitely one of the fun things to do from home. Click here to read about Tips on How to Wean Baby off Bottle at night?

2. Play board games and puzzles

We love board games and puzzles and we have been doing this since 3 weeks for now, and still not bored. Lol.

3. Play online games

Now you can play so many games online with your friends or family. We love playing Ludo Star and few other games. We just connect a call and play and have so much fun. Just like old times and what’s better than having fun while sitting at home.

4. Start painting

Painting and coloring is my favorite thing to do from home. I love to draw sketches and paint them. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or you never used a paint brush, take this time to learn on your own. Make it fun!

Connect with your family

5. Organize your room

It’s time to organize your room that you have been postponing for so long. Do it now! It’s a great way to utilize time, be productive, and kill boredom.

6. Clean your home

I know we all have been cleaning our homes all year but this time when you are bored, you can deep clean your home. Clean those corners and walls and tiles. Do it!

7. Take an online course

A lot of online institutions are offering online courses for free now. You can simply google it and find something worth learning. Maybe you learned something you were not expecting! Who knows so try it out. Keep it in your list of fun things to do from home.

8. Read a book

I love collecting books but I never get time to read them. I am reading all those books now. You can also do that. I even love re-reading old books. You can do that too. Go read that book again! Re-live that story.

9. Listen to podcasts

I have been ignoring the podcasts although I am very much interested in a few of them but never got time. If you are like me, you can use this time when you are practicing social distancing and listening to podcasts. Maybe you learn something new and beneficial.