A Super Tired Mom


Here is why I am not a Supermom!

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So it was a normal day, sunny, bright, just a routine day. I was eating chocolate that was kept for my son but I ate it as I was hungry and I was too tired to get up and make a sandwich for myself. Suddenly it just hit me, I don’t know why or how but I started crying. This supermom was crying…with tears, so badly that I was shocked to my core. I never cry like this unless there is really a bad reason. But this happened.  

I looked back at my day if there was something that hurt me and if I don’t remember it. I recalled getting up in the morning, following the routine chores. Changing the diapers, cleaning the home, making breakfast, and preparing for lunch. Putting away the dirty clothes in the laundry and folding the clean clothes. Then I remembered wiping the kitchen counters and taking out the trash.  Click here to read about How to remove urine stains from almost everything!

Then it was almost lunchtime when I was sitting at my couch eating that bar of chocolate. I realized I didn’t even get time to take a sip of water. I tried to remember if I ate my dinner properly last night and I realized it was just a leftover sandwich. My baby was cranky so I was with him and I don’t remember when I slept last night. That means I didn’t even eat my dinner and then breakfast and now eating chocolate because my sugar levels are so low.  


Maybe that’s why I was crying, that’s why I was sad. I looked at myself and found my hair that had not even been brushed or trimmed since I gave birth to my baby a few months ago. I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I went to a salon. Now I am wearing my supermom shirt and my supermom attitude all the time. Of course that was a moment of pain for me. I was such a high-maintenance girl and I was not liking those terrible changes. 

I couldn’t recognize this girl, who is now a mom of a newborn and a full-time mommy and a wife. I remember my husband and everyone around me used to call me a supermom, even now they call me a supermom!