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weekly meal planner

Download free weekly meal planner + grocery list for busy moms

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We all want to cook healthy food and eat healthy food! But when you are tired from working all day and its 5 pm already, what are you going to do? Order something online? I have been there and done that a hundred times. I gained weight and spent more money just because I had no idea what to cook when I literally had no time.

Feel me? I know right.

So finally I decided to use a weekly meal planner and a planned grocery list because I am a busy mom. Also because then I know what I have to cook and I can prepare beforehand. It helped me make my kitchen life smoother and stress-free.

Using a printable meal planner is an amazing way to keep your budget in check. My goal is to give you all a solution to the question, WHAT TO COOK TODAY? And help you save money.

If you are trying to lose weight, like me, then you definitely need a meal planning sheet so that you can write down everything you eat and cook.

Are you interested in meal planning? If your answer is yes, then yayy.. And if not, then look at the benefits of meal planning and decide yourself. Click here to read about Free Ramadan planner 2020 PDF-30 Days printable.

Save your time

Worrying about what to cook, what not to cook takes so much time. My husband is mostly outside the home so I have to sometimes ask again and again if he would like to eat rice or curry!

This is so much time taking. But having a weekly meal planner means you know what to cook. So you just cook it and don’t waste time on figuring out what to cook!


Save your money

Buying in bulk and when there are offers going on saves you money. If you have a grocery list in hand, you already know what to buy. This means you can save money.

I remember going to a grocery store without a grocery list means I buy so much stuff that’s not even needed or is expensive. So that is the reason this grocery list that I am sharing today has categories where you can write down frozen stuff, dairy, vegetables to buy, etc.

Become stress-free

The actual reason why everyone loves printable meal planners is you become stress-free! It doesn’t matter how much money you have, the stress of cooking, and what’s for dinner is a real headache if you are a busy mommy.

Meal planning gives you control over it and you plan before time. There are going to be lesser kids tantrums and less stress as everyone already knows what’s going to be in dinner.