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Almost a year into blogging and here I am, writing down “ABOUT ME” and feeling excited because I know there will be many of you reading this for the first time.

photo taken during our mini vacation at Kaust beach Thuwal near Jeddah-KSA

So Hi 🙂 I am Saima, a Pakistani born girl, raised in Islamabad but have spent a really happy childhood in Karachi, now residing in Saudi Arabia. I am a stay at home mom of two super naughty boys and both are preschoolers. They are my blog guests most of the time and people recognize them more as compared to me. 🙂

I am a business graduate and right after I got married, I shifted to Khobar, KSA and that was the time I started freelance writing and still do, it has been more than 8 years. Then had my kids and shifted to Riyadh, KSA and have been living here for 5 years. Now instead of getting back to freelance writing, I created this blog, my happy space so that I can support more moms out there and inspire others.

The famous wildlife park in Taif-KSA

About the blog!

So talking about A Supertired Mom blog, it happened out of nowhere, just in a moment and I am glad I took that step. This blog is my happy place, my favorite spots to connect more, talk more, share more and everything else that I want to do. You will find me ranting over a bad eyeliner day, cooking for kids, fixing cooking disasters, tips for homeschooling kids, sharing celebrations, my shopping lists, social issues, just silly things and everything that you can relate to, being a mommy!

I am not a super mommy with super amazing skills and the one who can apply makeup like a diva or who dresses like a celeb. You will find everything basic, everything normal here. If you love this, I am sure you will love my blog too because why make life hard when you can find happiness in ordinary things.

My favorite cup of tea

You cooked dinner after 3 hours of struggle, tell me about it and I will celebrate that. Your kid is potty trained after 100 accidents and 2 months, we will share the happiness. Tell me about anything that makes you happy and I will cheer you up. Because I believe living your life to the fullest, and not falling prey to perfection. I don’t like perfection!

You will find sales updates and kids events and a lot more related to motherhood and childhood here. I don’t like spending too much and showing off my designer bags. I am a low budget person and saving money never goes wrong. I am not here to sell you those high priced items and to tell you that you need this super expensive lipstick to look good. I will tell you, you look pretty in just a lip balm!

I am sure on one point or another, you will relate to anything that I say. While cooking something, while shopping outside, or changing your kid’s diapers or just loving your family.

But there is no place for hate or rudeness here. If you don’t like what I say or what I do, please move on. Life is busy, life is hard so don’t make it harder for anybody by being rude to them. Be kind… I love kind people and if you are kind, you have all my respect.

So I think that’s enough of an introduction 🙂 apart from that, I love tea and coffee and sipping my cup all day is my favorite part of my routine. Stay with me while I build my blog with so much love and dedication. I would love to see you again.

food and me-best friends

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Lots of love,
Just A Super Tired Mom

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