I am A Super Tired Mom!

Hello and Welcome to my Happy place
All positive Vibes here 🙂
I have no idea how you found my this little BLOG, but I am glad you did 🙂
So, let me tell little bit about myself!
Well, I am Saima, Pakistani born girl who is a Shopaholic, supertired, coffee addict and an Expat Mom living in KSA. Basically I’m from Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan. Life brought me here to Riyadh, Capital of KSA (SaudiArabia)
I am a freelance writer, reviewer, influencer, a mom blogger, copywriter and oh yes, a mom of two adorable toddlers too:)
Writing is just like a therapy for me. I love writing whatever it involves.  I love to make new friends and guilt free conversations are my thing. This blog is one of the best things that have happened to me ever. I just love my this little and sweet place where I can talk about anything, anytime.
My Life is a mixture of love, happiness, gratitude and of course noise.. 🙂
Apart from that, I love everything that a normal mommy would love!
I love cooking, baking, photographing, traveling, shopping, writing, eating and socializing. I am a big foodie 🙂
Come, enjoy with me, this roller coaster ride of parenting, childhood, shopping, and lots of happenings in Riyadh KSA.
Let me know if there is something you wanna share 📷
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