5 Questions to ask your kid instead of asking “How was your day?”

Hey fellow mom,

Are you tired of asking same question to your kids about how was their day at school today? And your kids are tired of answering it with, “mama it was fine or okay”  

Yeah , me too 🙂 but you can ask your kids a lot more questions instead of just “how was your day?” 

Its very important to keep conversation alive with your kids no matter how busy you are! If your child comes back home little grumpy and with a bad mood, you just cannot ask them how their day went. 

Checkout these cool ways to connect with your kids and get them to tell you even more what happens in their school time. Well I will try to sum up these all questions here ; 

My favorite is  

“Was there anything that made you smile, made you happy today?” 

This one is an amazing ice breaker believe me. There would be so many reasons your kiddo smiled and laughed and he would definitely love to tell you about that. It could be a hug from his friend, few words of praise from his teacher, a candy sharing with his friend or getting a better score in class. Don’t underestimate the power of this question and ask your kids this. You will love the response, trust me 

Another one that is also my favorite is.  

“Did someone cry today in school ?” 

This is gona be a good one because kids love to share stories of other kids crying or being sad, as long as its not about them, they enjoy talking about stuff like that 🙂 I always ask my kiddo if somebody cried today and he tells me stories nonstop. Try this and thank me later 🙂 

Okay this one is really sweet now. You can ask them  

“Who sat with you during lunch break?” 

You will be surprised by the answers your kid is gona tell you. Kids love to share lunches, well, most of them 🙂 even if they don’t, you will get to know stories of what they didn’t like during a lunch break.  

You can also ask your kids,  

“Was somebody absent today? If yes, did you miss him?” 

Ask your kids if they learn anything new today. It could be a new word, a new playing game, a new sentence or a drawing. They will love to show you their new achievement. 

One more to go, 

“Did you help someone today?” 

Kids love sharing their little kind gestures. Let them be happy by sharing if they helped a fellow pick up his bag, or a little help in coloring.  

Well, there are a lot more to ask and the list will never end 🙂 just don’t skip asking your kids few questions, doesn’t matter if only three of them, but do ask. And tell them what you think about all this. 

What questions do you ask your kids after they come back from school? Share with me , I need some more inspiration 🙂 

Loads of love. 




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