Rihanna Announced Fenty Beauty arrival in Saudi Arabia

Yes you heard it right that Fenty beauty is coming to KSA on 19th of April

All Rihanna fans out there…..we have been listening to her most popular songs, “please don’t stop the music” and “we found love in a hopeless place” and a long list we cannot even compile here because we are a huge fan of her music and her style… 

Now being a loyal Rihanna follower, we are over the moon because Fenty Beauty is coming to Saudi Arabia and all our social feeds are filled by this most anticipated release…..yayyy… for a makeup junkie, it’s like a dream come true ! 

This amazing line of cruelty free beauty products, created by world’s top singer, Rihanna has become a global sensation in just one year. For a brand that is only a year old, this is no doubt the biggest achievement. 

Time magazine announced Fenty Beauty as number one brand of 2017 and people all around the world are loving it. Now this super awesome brand is making its way in KSA. In a recent post on twitter, Rihanna shared the news that Fenty Beauty is soon coming to Saudi Arabia on 19 April 

That means the Fenty Beauty will be available in SEPHORA stores all over KSA. Yayyy… too excited right ! 

Before KSA, Fenty Beauty announced its availability in many more countries like Qatar, Bahrain and also Kuwait. This  Middle east availability was followed by many more expansions, now its arrival in KSA is a proof.  

So lets hope this isnt an April Fool joke..lolx…waiting for April 19th now 🙂 



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