6 Biggest Parenting mistakes we make! 

6 Biggest Parenting mistakes we make! and How to avoid them!


There are hundreds of bad parents out there but if you are reading this, I am sure you are not one of them. It’s obvious that you love your kids and you want best for them. But sometimes this love is so overwhelming that we, as parents, make mistakes that are bad for our kids mental and physical health.

Yes, you heard it right because I have seen many good intentions that actually go badly wrong over the passage of time. No, I am not challenging your love or your intentions, I am trying to say that please understand that every act of love is not good for kids. You need to differentiate between what kind of love will help your kids and what kind of love will hurt your kids.

Kinda tricky, right? Let me explain don’t worry! Have a look at these horrible mistakes, we all make and we need to stop doing that ever again, including me.

1. Over-praising your kids everytime 

Praising Your kids is not wrong, but praising them each and every time even when not needed is definitely wrong. Can you imagine how your kid will grow up? He would need praise every time he does anything good and of course that’s not possible in the real world. So praise them, but remember your limits.

2. Offering too much of choice 

If you think you are doing your kids any good by giving them unlimited choices, you are not helping them, instead, you are destroying them. No, your kids don’t need so many choices in everything. Whether it’s their meals, their toys, dresses or anything else. Give choices but just 2 or 3 maximum. Don’t just give them a list to choose from and later they become frustrated.

3. Telling them that they should be happy always 

Our kids are little humans with exactly same emotions like we adults have. They feel sadness, grief, disappointment, and happiness just like we do. Don’t expect your kids to be happy every time. You are in a park and your kid is tired and you are asking him to be happy because you brought him to the park, well then definitely you need to rethink about your parenting style.

4. Not talking about sex 

This is one of the horrible mistakes in my opinion we parents make without even realizing that how wrong is that. Telling them about sex is a necessity. Do you want somebody else to tell your kids how babies come in this world and will you let them trust somebody else regarding this sensitive topic? I am sure your answer would be a NO, then why don’t you start the conversation and tell them about sex and especially about consent. Tell them about good touch and bad touch.

5. Not limiting your own screen time 

If you are an educated parent, I am sure you understand the effects of unlimited screen time on kids brains. Do you want a kid who ignores you while you are sitting on the dining table eating dinner? Of course not! Then make sure you limit your screen time whether it’s your laptop or your phone. Try to be fully present with your kids when you are at home. Those emails will be answered eventually and those presentations will be done too but this time will pass and you don’t wanna regret later, right?

6. Buying them toys, not books 

If you think your kid is too small to understand books, you are so wrong my fellow parent. Kids are smarter than you think and their minds are active in imagination and understanding the expressions and language. Read them as many books as you can and you will see, you will create a creative, imaginative and kind human being.

Remember, it’s not always about buying gifts and spending money that your kids will remember. It’s so much more than that. They are going to remember your values, your love and the quality time you spent with them. This will turn them into kind souls and people we want more in this world.

With love, Asupertiredmom

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