Say yes to No 7 Beautiful Skin eye makeup remover 

Say yes to No 7 Beautiful Skin eye makeup remover

If you are a mascara and liner person, (coughs) like me… I am sure you are into eye makeup removers also. Offcourse who wants panda eyes after double coating of mascara and winged eyeliner ! Not me either.. So I am here with an amazing eye makeup remover review which is none other than very popular No 7 Beautiful skin eye makeup remover.

You may have heard about many high end products that leave no residue and very gentle to skin, but that too for a very high price range. This No 7 eye makeup remover is just amazing.. Its available for half of the price of those expensive eye makeup removers.

Its kind of a dual action remover that cleanses as well as conditions your skin and removes all traces of mascara, waterproof liner and you will be surprised by the results guys, I am telling you already ! Try it for yourself and see.

Another plus with No 7 eye makeup remover is that its fragrance free and perfectly suitable for sensitive skin around eyes. I have super sensitive skin and nothing suits me. I had no reaction with this eye makeup remover, so I am sure it will suit you too.

Did I mention that its on sale nowadays at Boots pharmacies all around KSA and UAE.






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