How to motivate yourself for working out when you are a Busy Mom!

If you are a stay at home mom like me, you would understand how demanding is this job! My kids and my household chores run my day. I get up to make breakfast, pack lunch, dress my kid and send him to school. Then I make a cup of tea and check my emails and notifications. Then I start preparing for lunch and then laundry and vacuuming and the list is never ending! So much to do; so less time. I definitely need more than 24 hours in a day. So, in my whole day’s routine, I don’t get time to work out or even go for a walk.

Yes, this is a life of a stay at home mom!

Last year I started taking my weight loss goal seriously and I lost a few pounds too. The only thing that helped me do that was MINDSET. Yes! If you haven’t made up your mind yet for changing your eating, working out and chores routine, shedding weight is too difficult. Unless you are a lucky person whose genes keep you fit and slim! Unfortunately, I am not, so I have to take it really seriously! High five if you feel the same way!

So what is this mindset change, let me explain it. First of all, I stopped waiting for a perfect “ME TIME” when kids are sleeping and there are no calls and no chores to be done. I started doing small workouts whenever I found the time. Be it just 15 minutes of cardio or 20 minutes of Leslie walk. I just did whatever I could!

Talking about my eating routine, I stopped going for take outs and I reserved dining out only for weekends. But still, I kept my food portions smaller than before. I used to eat a whole cake in one day! Yes, I am that big fan of desserts but I changed my habits and I started eating one small serving of cake or any dessert each day. Because without desserts, I cannot live!

No, I couldn’t go any Gym because I had no time and there was no Gym nearby so I stopped waiting for the time when I could hit the gym. I just started with whatever sources I had and trust me, I lost weight. I went down 2 dress sizes.

If you ask me one mistake I did while trying to lose weight, I didn’t start weight training earlier. It took me so much time to understand the importance of lifting weights. By weights, I definitely don’t mean you need to go to the gym and get a personal trainer. I got dumbbells and they really helped me tone up. Don’t worry if you cannot go to a gym or cannot hire a personal trainer. Just clear up some space in your lounge and do squats, lunges, planks, or whatever is easier for you. Slowly increase the time and intensity and listen to your favorite music, watch your shows and let your kids play near you!

You are worth more than that and you deserve to feel good, look good and fabulous. To everyone who is trying to lose weight and stay fit, I am sending so many hugs and wishes your way!

Any suggestions are always welcome!

Lots of love;

A very supertired mom 🙂


Hi guys, I am Saima, a 20 something Pakistani born girl who is a Shopaholic, supertired, coffee addict and an Expat living in Riyadh, Capital of KSA. I am a freelance writer, reviewer, influencer, a mom blogger, copywriter and oh yes, a mom of two adorable toddlers too:) I love cooking, baking, photographing, traveling, shopping, writing, eating and socializing. I am a big foodie 🙂 Come, enjoy with me, this roller coaster ride of parenting, childhood, shopping, and lots of happenings.

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  1. Hello Super Tired Mom 🙂 I totally understand your point of view, although I’ve lost my weight pretty fast (colic, stress and much running after everything did their “job”). My problem was spine which got totally destroyed after delivery 🙁 My Husband is a personal fitness trainer and he used to push me a lot to do something with it, but… I was too busy to think about it 😉 When the pains increased, I had to visit doctor and afterwards take a special training. When I can’t go to Husband’s gym, we try to train together after his working hours. Now no excuses. I’m proud of you for your SELF MOTIVATION! <3

  2. Thanks for the reminder. We have a gym in our building, weights and yoga mats at home but I am not motivated to workout. I am 5 months postpartum, I know I should start doing something now.

  3. You have remarked very interesting details! ps nice website . “There is no vice so simple but assumes some mark of virtue on his outward parts.” by Mary Bertone.

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