How to identify if you have Postnatal Depression? 

How to identify if you have Postnatal Depression?

Too often we are busy with our families and routines that we don’t even realize if we are depressed or just feeling sad. Sadly many of us cannot even recognize the difference between sadness and anxiety or depression. For the majority, depression is not a sickness, it’s just a feeling. But there is so much more in-depth that nobody accepts. None of us like to accept the fact that we have depression. But trust me, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Majority of mothers suffer from postnatal depression after giving birth and many of them confuse it with baby blues. Even after miscarriage, it is possible. The biggest difference between baby blues and depression is that those blues last for few weeks only whereas postpartum depression lasts longer even for years. You need to see a doctor and get a medication to treat that.

So how to recognize whether you have postnatal depression or just baby blues? Here are few signs you should notice. If you feel like you really have it, don’t ask this question, “why me?” There are so many reasons behind that so don’t think this is happening because of your fault.

Check out these 10 symptoms that you may have postnatal depression;

  1. Your sleep is affected and falling asleep is a struggle now no matter how tired you are!
  2. You feel too hard to bond with your newborn. Instead of feeling the urge to love him, you feel strange and cannot identify your feelings.
  3. People around you are complaining a lot about your severe mood swings.
  4. You are tired every time without any reason.
  5. You don’t wanna go outside and meet your friends and family. Going for grocery seems like one of the hardest tasks for you.
  6. You feel like a failure whatever you do. Be it your baby or your household or your relationships.
  7. Your appetite is changed drastically. Either you wanna eat a lot or don’t want to eat at all. There is no sequence.
  8. You are having panic attacks for little reasons. For spilled milk, for your baby who doesn’t stop crying or for anything that shouldn’t bother you, but is bothering you to a big level.
  9. Lack of interest in sex and any kind of intimacy.
  10. Thoughts of harming or killing your baby.

If you think you have a maximum of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor. Talk about it and start your medication as soon as you can. Don’t blame yourself for anything, it can happen to anybody. Many factors cause that. Lack of sleep, hormonal changes, difficulty in bonding with baby, difficulty in breastfeeding, money issues, relationships problems with your spouse, and so much more. But there is a solution so don’t wait too long to find it.

If you have any questions or you want to share anything, you are always welcome to share what you think.

Lots of love;

Just a Supertired Mom


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