Dear Husband, sorry but not sorry!


Saying sorry to your husband? Oh maybe you had a fight. What? No fight? Okay well… so just a little quarrel on the way and now you are feeling bad? Nahhhh! Still not..

Then why are you sorry , are you insane!

I know these questions must be erupting in your busy mind, so before you explode, let me clarify why I AM SORRY!

Sorry because you married a welldressed girl whose fashion sense and taste was sophisticated but not sorry because now she is your wife and mom of your kids so don’t expect much. Okay??? She is the one breastfeeding your child and do you know how exhausting is this? No you don’t, you never breastfeed right!

Sorry because you fell in love with my skin that used to glow because all those skin treatments and facials, remember, we were buddies in some old world? Well that’s not a reality anymore because I am now having little monsters, oops sorry I have kids now… I hardly wash my face because whats the point when it’s going to get dirty and full of ketchup in few minutes..

So who cares! So I am not even sorry !

Sorry husband because you used to love my perfume but now I only smell of vomit and poop and ahhh! Long list…but I am not sorry because that’s how I am now!

I am sorry I am changed but I am not saying sorry for being like this!

That means you, my husband and your kids, come first and they are my priority!

My dirty clothes mean I work for my family and my kids are well fed!

We have gone through giving birth to kids to feeding them to sending them to school so please be a little more patient because for us, our kids come first but our love is still there.

It’s there in our hearts and doesn’t matter how dirty our hands are, our love will always stay clean!

I am sorry for these unexpected changed but why I should be sorry when it’s our first experience as parents and we should embrace it all with open arms!

Love from your wife who is not sorry anymore!

A SupertiredMom!

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