Today I am grateful for!

How often we take things for granted in our life? Probably more than we realize!

Being a kid, getting education, a good life, a good health and a supportive family is what we all take for granted but when we grow up, these normal things seem a luxury!

Its easy to feel bad when times are tough but remember whatever happens, never be ungrateful for your life. There are millions of things we should be thankful for!

Everyone talks about family, friends, love, happiness but did you ever think about stuff like running water, uninterrupted wifi, hot meals, transport, your shoes, and the list goes on!

We think these things are part of life and we earn them but still, we should dig to find something to appreciate!

Here is a simple list of few things we all should be grateful for.

Your parents , for giving you life and a childhood. Without them, there wouldn’t be you!

Your friends for keeping you happy and by staying with you in tough times.

Your senses, you can see, hear, touch, feel, taste because many people cannot do that. If your senses work fine, you are blessed.

Having food on your table, because there are people out there who remain hungry and die of hunger too!

Having a good health is one of the biggest blessings for sure. When you have flu, have  you noticed how much you miss your healthy body?

Your love, fear, sadness, disappointment to make you stronger and to show you reality of life.

Machines to make your life easier. Your phone, your laptop, your clock, your car, your microwave.

And in the end, YOU. Because by being yourself, you show you are thankful for this life.

I know there will be a long list popping up in your mind of more things. Share with me and inspire all of us by your imagination 🙂

Is there anything you are grateful for today? Feel free to run wild.
You’ll feel better. You will inspire someone. .


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  1. I am grateful for every smile I had today. Despite of many hiccups in our daily life, God still blesses us with smiles. So I am totally grateful for every single one of them.


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