I am a boy’s mom and I love it!


I hear this quite often, “are you a boys mom? You don’t know how sweet are girls and stuff!”

Well, I don’t agree with this at all. People think being a mother of boys, I don’t get to see the cuteness and sweetness , that’s so wrong. I love being a boys mom and I mean it ! Raising boys is a hell lot different than raising girls but that doesn’t mean it makes you less of a mother. Motherhood is same doesn’t matter you have boys or you have girls! Agree?

Boys moms change a lot! Yes that’s true but you will not notice it until your boys are all grownup and you look back at all those years and realize that YES! How well you have changed. Now you love Avengers and PJ masks and Monster and Blaze more than the Barbies, that you used to love when you were a child. 🙂 yes I can imagine this because now I love all characters of PJ masks and I love watching them too with my boys.

You learn to manage with the energy level of boys because nothing can beat this in this entire world! You learn to stay up all night all day and shouting “don’t jump” or “don’t scream” or “don’t kill your brother” as these phrases are just a normal stuff now in home. Yeah! I know you can relate. 🙂

Being a mom of boys, you understand that furniture is for jumping and you cannot afford glass decorations because who wana pick those glass pieces from the floor, right! Moms who don’t have boys could never understand the difference between aggression and being energetic, but yes if you are a boy mom, you can differentiate! Boys are often tagged as aggressive but no, that’s a wrong term! They are sweet and lovely just like other kids… just a little more energetic!

Can you believe it that recent studies have proved that boys cannot sit still for longer periods of time compared to girls. This is now proven and you may have heard that from your boy’s teacher also that your son isn’t sitting still! Well that’s not even possible so why we expect this from our tiny little full of energy monsters!

People think only girls are cuddly and sweet but let me tell you the amount of kisses and hugs I get form my sons and you would be surprised! Yes, boys are that sweet and lovely just like the girls. We just need to stop tagging them as aggressive. And all boys are different. If your friend’s son loves to play with balls, yours may love garbage truck even more. Just like other kids! Mine loves Pickup trucks..lol 🙂

Being a mom of two super energetic boys, I could tell you that I have to step out of my comfort zone and explore more to how to keep myself patient. Even when I am at grocery store, I see girls sitting nicely but my sons are jumping on the bench..that’s completely normal. As long as your boys are not hurting anybody and not being ill mannered, everything is fine with them. I have faced looks on people’s faces when my kids are running around and hopping but I ignore them because of course my boys are my priority and I cannot mold them into our society standards that are so unreal.

Are you a boy’s mom? Share what you love being a mother of a sweet boy? And I would love to know more!

A Supertired Mom of Two little monsters!





  1. I’m mama to a 2 year old boy and I absolutely love it!! Like you said, he’s also super cuddly and quite sensitive to people’s moods but he’s also absolutely hilarious and energetic – wouldn’t change it for the world!
    Love your post, can’t wait to read more❤


  2. So glad I found this! I have two sons (almost 4 and 1.5) and am expecting my third son. I love the cuddles and all the things I didn’t get to experience growing up in an all girl household. Who knew baseball, fishing, and superhero’s could be so fun.


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