Child Sexual Abuse-How to protect your kids!


We all love our kids and raise them like a prince or a princess. We take care of them everytime since the day they are born. Saving them from a fall when they jump..Helping them to do something new.. ..teaching them not to touch a hot kettle….not to touch a hot iron.. Not to insert fingers in switch boards…making them wear knee pads when they go outside to play and forcing them to eat healthy instead of the junk.. Then how come we forget to teach them about their own safety, about sexual abuse? Unfortunately, we as parents forget to teach them about GOOD TOUCH and BAD TOUCH  until its too late.

Do you know that one in six boys and one in four girls are abused sexually before they turn 18? Could you imagine your kid in such a situation? And let me tell you something even worse that maximum of those abusers are not strangers but your own relatives and people who meet your kids often. Yeah that’s true. I know my heart stopped just like yours after reading that! I was in tears that how I didn’t think about that before! There were not many but few times I have left my kids with somebody whom I trust but I shouldn’t because in this world, you cannot trust anybody! Atleast not for your kids.

Remember when was the last time your child was out of your sight. Were you on a playdate? Did you leave your kid in his preschool? Did your kid go to your neighbor’s home to play? Were you watching your kid that time? NO! I know its hard but this is what it is!

You know these abusers don’t look like monsters or zombies. These are people just like you and me. Anybody can molest your kid in his class, schoolbus, playareas, restaurants, and even in your own home.

Now that I have scared you to your death, keep in mind that you can prevent that. Not 100% but you can try your best and be alert. We need to face the truth that we cannot protect our kids 24/7. But we can teach them to protect themselves. TALK to your kids and make them understand the difference between good and bad touch because its never too late.

Here are few ways you can follow. Just make sure you don’t make it a scary talk. Keep it friendly!

Always name body parts properly 

Whenever talking to your kids, never use innie minniee or words like that. Use proper names like you call eyes or arms or head. Make them realize that these parts are also normal and you can talk about them just like you talk when your tummy hurts.

Nobody sees your private parts 

Teach them this rule that only mommy daddy and a doctor can see their private parts. Not even their siblings, their cousins or anybody else could ask for that. If somebody says that, they need to tell you.

Don’t touch your own private parts 

We often teach kids that nobody should touch their private parts but forget to tell them that they also shouldn’t do that unless necessary. Remember that often sexual abuse starts with abusers asking kids to touch themselves.

No secrets from Mom and Dad 

This should be a strict policy but in a friendly way that nobody keeps any secrets from mommy and daddy at home. Always encourage them to tell you everything even if that’s about eating an icecream with grandma outside. No secrets in any condition.

Teach them to say NO when they feel bad 

I teach my kids to scream when anybody does any harm to them. This sounds weird but it works in our case. You know your child and you should choose a code word or an action to do when your kiddo isn’t comfortable or feels bad.

Never get angry if your child tells you something bad 

If you get angry everytime your kiddo does something wrong, as a result, he will stop telling you anything at all. Like I said earlier, no secrets from mommy! Make sure you always listen to your kid and encourage him to tell you all details too.

I know these points will only help you out and will not guarantee that your kid would be saved. But you can try your best before its too late. Without this talk, your child would be at a much higher risk to be abused. And trust me, only one talk is not enough. Just like we teach manners to our kids everyday.. We should talk about this everyday whenever a situation comes. While going to washroom or while taking bath..

I believe that this article will off course help you out in talking to your kids. Maybe it helps somebody in saving their kids from being abused.

Please don’t forget to share this article with anybody you love and want them to take care of this topic. Body safety is important doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl.

Any suggestions are welcome. You can tell me anything you want to say.

Lots of love,

Asupertired Mom


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