Please don’t judge me, I am a Mom!

If you know me in real or even on social media, you would be thinking of me as a mom who is capturing photos and posting them and telling others how tired I am😬🙂
If you ever see me in a grocery store, picking up more fruits and veggies and less junk, you must be thinking I’m a good mom whose priority is her kid’s health …
Maybe you see me in the park who is screaming because her kids won’t listen to her.. you must be thinking I’m a bad mom…
Or maybe you see me outside having brunch with my kids and they are behaving well and saying thank you and please, you must be thinking this is a cool mom…
Or anyday you may see me at McDonald’s, ordering burgers .. i may look like a mom who doesnt wana cook dinner so feeding my kids junk instead.. a lazy mom ..
Or some other time when I’m at a friend’s place and my kids spilled coffee on the carpet and you must be thinking, this mom doesn’t teach manners to her kids…
But actually what you saw was a little while , a moment.. that moment doesn’t define what kind of a mom I am !
Please don’t judge any mom if you see her anywhere, in any moment… it could be a moment of anger.. a moment of affection.. a moment of tantrum or just a child being a child and a mom being a mom💕
Please dont judge because we are all together in this motherhood journey.. .
That could be a good or a bad time.. but let me tell you that I love my kids all the time.. all mothers love their kids all the time… .

Inspired by a post I read few days back .. i couldnt find it to repost it so I thought why not write a new one with same thought🌟🤗

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