Meeting a newborn? Follow these 5 rules!

So your friend or your sister just had a baby, and yayyyyyy you are super excited to meet the little baby.. Yes that’s completely normal because a newborn is ofcourse a celebration for all of us 🙂 a new life in this world..  So what to do now, lets go and meet the baby as soon as possible but STOP!

Wait a minute my dear.. Listen to me for a second please and then decide what to do next! Yes yes your excitement is flowing out but just hang on… Do you know there are some etiquettes to meet a newborn? Not some hard and fast rules but just little commonsense stuff! Surprised? Well lets make it clear because I am sure you don’t want to be a pain to the brand new mama and a brand new baby. Checkout these 5 rules before you step out to meet that new baby ;

Think about the baby and only about the mama, forget YOURSELF 

This point is a little tricky because often people make it all about themselves when they go to meet somebody. The love is true but you shouldn’t be a reason of discomfort for the newborn and the mama at any cost. Forget the drama and all formalities because all the focus should be on the baby right now. Visit them according to their convenience, not as per your comfort. Ask the mama when you can visit and when the baby would be okay with guests visiting. Is it the feeding time or the sleeping time? Ask her and then visit. She may be your best friend but giving birth is difficult and there may be a situation when your friend doesn’t even want to see anybody. Respect her choices.  I hope that makes sense! 🙂

DON’T forget to CALL before you visit the baby 

It would take a minute only to call and confirm if the baby and the mama are okay with your visit. I understand that before this, you guys could show up anytime without even calling each other but see, the situation is different now. Schedule your visit and show up on time. Surprise visits are not cute when you just gave birth to a baby, OKAY?

DON’T kiss the baby 

Yes the baby is so cute and you cannot resist kissing him but please STOP! You know how dangerous it could be to kiss a newborn? Because these tiny babies don’t have enough immunity to fight with the germs. Even your hands can transfer bacteria to the baby’s skin and it could be contagious. And please don’t bring along your kids or if you have flu. Always wash your hands prior to touching the baby. I remember when I gave birth to my little one, I had to request people to please wash their hands before touching my baby. It was wayyyy awkward. So please save yourself from that embarrassment and wash your hands. Okay?

Always offer help 

Little acts of kindness like, should I bring some pasta? Or would you love a homemade milk shake? Sound really awesome. The best way to show your love to your friend is to bring her food. This is a universal truth kind of thing. I love guests who bring food and I always make sure if I am going somewhere I take something with me. It could be anything from homemade brownies to Mcdonald’s burger. Just ask the mama what would she like to have and take it. She will forget the gifts her baby got but will never forget that you brought her a box of Lasagne. It will not only help her, but her family or her older kids. Think about it!

NO questions or comments please 

After a childbirth, everyone feels like coming out of a tornado. Nothing seems cute or sweet right away. Its all in movies or in books because maximum moms suffer from postnatal depression nowadays and they may not realize it. I was sad after the birth of my child and I couldn’t understand WHY? Later I came to know I have postnatal depression! Its very hard for the mom already so please don’t make her feel guilty by asking questions like, oh you would be feeling so blessed! Because maybe she isnt feeling this way. And don’t comment on her choices, whether she is breastfeeding or formula feeding, its her choice. Just be kind and helpful.

Motherhood is hard, we all know. So we should be helpful to each other in this, instead of judging or passing remarks that may hurt other moms. Make sure you keep check on your friend after your first visit because the real help is needed when she would be home. Ask her if you could come over and watch the baby while she could sleep or take a shower in peace? Or ask her to babysit her older kids. There are so many ways to help if you think of.

I hope you agree with all these rules, but if you don’t, you can tell me in comments and share if there is another way to help. I would love to know what you have to say!

Now go see your friend, but call first 😉

Loads of love,

A supertired Mom


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