Discipline your 2 years old toddler in 4 ways 

Hey mommy! I am sure you are here because you are tired of the tantrums and finding ways to discipline your little monster..oops sorry.. Your two years old toddler! First thing, never expect too much from your toddler because if you EXPECT, you are going to get disappointed. Kids come without a manual and I am sure you also don’t have any book or manual. 🙂They are filled with curiosity and their minds are developing at such an incredible rate.

BUT let me tell you that still there is HOPE and yes, I am going to tell you HOW to do that 🙂 Don’t worry, no hitting or kicking involved 🙂 I am with you in this challenge so hold yourself together and lets dive in this together.

Let them release their energy in healthy ways 

No matter what you do, your toddlers would always keep you on your toes. Jumping on the sofa and playing in the backyard until they are about to fall. Its very important to find ways that can help their little bodies to play safely and get tired without any dangers. Create a safe playarea inside your home and let your kid explore the toys and play while you could keep an eye on him as well. Or let him play in the backyard or take him for a walk to a nearby park. You will be amazed how much this would help you. Just don’t bound the kids inside home all time. Take them outside , doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 mins walk to a nearby store.

Don’t expect too much from your tiny human 

Please don’t listen to other moms telling you their kids were too obedient and disciplined at this age. This is a lie. A biggest LIE. I have raised two kids and I could tell you, attention span of toddlers is not much. They get distracted quickly and you cannot expect them to sit quietly and listen to your lectures. Try to avoid situations where your kid would need to stay quiet for longer periods of time. Visit restaurants that have playareas too so that your kiddo can stay there while you enjoy lunch. Understand the schedule and needs of your toddlers and plan accordingly. You will not even feel the need to discipline your toddler if you just schedule your appointments according to him. If your salon meetup is right before the nap time of your toddler, don’t be sorry!

Learn to redirect attention of your toddler 

There would be times when your toddler will be playing with cups and plates and instead of telling him a harsh NO, just give him something else to play with. Yes, I know this is hard but try this. It works wonders. If you again see your toddler banging glass cabinets, tell him this is not a good thing and replace with something like a spoon or a plastic cup and plate. Tell him NO but in a sweet way and don’t expect him to understand that, just change the location and redirect attention. Soon he will learn to do this and there would be no tantrums next time you tell him NO. I hope this makes sense to you as well. Lol 🙂

Stay firm and set limits 

There should be some hard rules for stuff like don’t touch the stove, don’t open the fridge door, don’t kiss the floor, etc. When your toddler insists on doing that, stay firm and say NO and in any condition, don’t say yes! Its about safety so you need to be consistent about this. You can apply this to using a mobile phone or tablet also. There should be a set limit of you allow your kids to play games. After the time is over, take the tablet but don’t forget to give your toddler something else to play with. I usually offer my kids to paint right after their cartoons time is over. 🙂

I am sure if you try these steps, you would be able to discipline your two years old very well. A toddler’s routine is very predictable and its easier to put kids on schedules. Just like you sleep train your babies and toddlers, same is the case with discipline training. REMEMBER you are a role model for your kids. If you lose yourself and get frustrate easily, they will not learn anything positive from it.

Just count to 10 whenever your toddler touches your last nerve and start over again. My mom always used to say, your toddlers would grow up very soon and you will be missing this time too. So stay patient, stay consistent and trust this fact that you are the best mama to your kids.

Lots of love;



  1. Oh my God… Reading the title I got afraid of what I’m gonna read and I was already ready for the discussion… And then I saw your article and I got relieved 😀 As a Mom of (climbing on furniture) 2-years old girl I need to tell you, you’re totally right! Toddlers have often totally different needs and possibilities… And also much more energy to spend (they’re often bored). Redirecting attention works the best in our case… And baby swimming pool as well. Bibi loves it! 🙂


  2. I love this! It truly is all about understanding that you child is just that, a child. I like your suggestion of avoiding situations that would be challenging for a child, like sitting still for long periods of time. I was recently eating out and I took my newborn to the restroom to nurse. While inside, I heard a lady bring a young boy in to threaten him with a bare bottom swat if he didn’t stop moving around. This hurt my heart. Kids cannot and will not behave without A LOT of practice and even then they are only human. It is up to us to understand that and work hard to help them better understand the unwritten rules of discipline.


  3. Mom of two toddlers here and boys none the less. Redirecting works extremely well here. They also have two different personalities so we adjust to each child and each situation accordingly.


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