Why we love Riyadh! 

Are you a Riyadhian or planning to move here? Let me tell you, you are going to love this city. There would be many people telling you Riyadh is dry, it’s a boring city bla bla.. But trust me, it all depends on you. If you are a boring person, you will never enjoy here. And if you are a fun loving person like me, lol.. You would love this amazing city. I love Riyadh 🙂 Its been so many years now here and I could still recall the first time I came here. You know what, our electricity went down the same day I came and I was like.. Oh my God.. I can never forget this.. lol

It doesn’t matter if you came here on visit purpose or you stay here for long. Or you are a mommy or a single girl or a single guy or a father, you can equally enjoy here. Checkout these awesome reasons why we love Riyadh 🙂

Magnificent Shopping malls 

If you want to see future of shopping malls and those big breathtaking stores and awesome brands, Riyadh is the place. The malls here are no less than the malls in New York city so you are going to love these if you love to shop or just roam around, like me! 🙂

A lot of fun activities 

Fun activities in Riyadh? Are you serious? Oh Yes I am, buddy! Long gone are the times when there was nothing fun here. You can go bowling, you can go for paintball, you can go to one of the best trampoline parks here. There are unlimited options to dine out that even if you start counting them, you wouldn’t be able to do that! Its just you need to step outside your home to enjoy that🙂

So many Kids friendly places 

I have two kids and if you ask me if I am happy here, I would say yes I am! Because you just have to search and go out to have fun. There are so many big and spectacular kids playareas like Saffouri land, Sparky’s , Al Hokair land, Dinosaur park and sand play areas as well. There are parks like Salaam park, Abdullah Park and Diriya and even a stadium too where you can take your kids. Most of the hotels and schools have swimming pools and basketball courts where you can go and have fun. There are unlimited options. Riyadh zoo is also a nice place to spend your weekend. So just make a list and start exploring.

Shawarma and Arabic food 

If you ask me one thing I love about this whole KSA, that would be Shawarma and the Arabic cuisine. I just love the kabsa and broast and yummy shawarmas. Even the small restaurants sell finger licking shwarmas and flatbreads. Once you get to taste them, you would love them.

Glorious grocery stores 

I love grocery shopping in Riyadh that I never loved to do back in my country. There are so many stores with so many discounts and offers. You can always find good offers in stores like Lulu, Tamimi, Panda, Othaim, Sadhan and Nesto. Sorry if I missed any ! Lol. From a tiny thing to decorating your all garden, you can find stuff in these big grocery stores.

Visit Al Musmak castle and other historical buildings 

If you love art and history, you would love the Musmak castle. Its awesome and a must visit place if you are in Riyadh. Ther are so many other places as well like historical Diriya where you can go on a weekend and have fun while praising the big castles and architecture.

If there is anything else you love about Riyadh, don’t forget to share with me 🙂

Lots of love,



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