Piatto- Top kids friendly restaurant in Riyadh KSA

Being a mother, the first thing I notice whenever I go for dining out, is whether the ambiance is okay for my kids to stay for a couple of hours and if the staff is accommodating?  I am always looking for relaxing and kids friendly restaurants in Riyadh KSA where I can enjoy my meal in peace while my kids can play or do some activity.

So here is my first recommendation of kids friendly restaurants in Riyadh.

Today its about Piatto KSA.

It’s a one of the best Italian chains in Kingdom. I am still in awe of the warm vibes and the open sitting area around the fountain of this distinguished chain of Italian cuisine, Piatto KSA. I know most of you guys already love them. Well why not, they deserve this as from their food to their service, everything is just perfect. Their appetizers to main courses and from sliders to their desserts, I love everything. Not to forget their super yummy Gelato Icecream, that despite of me, being on clean eating, enjoyed 🙂


Thank you so much Samir Othaibi for greeting us. The way their staff accommodated us and took care of the table so efficiently, it was amazing.


As soon as we reached, my kids were given activity kids including colors and paper and entire time, they were busy.


So, coming to the ordering, I always wanted to try their Warm artichoke spinach dip served with crostini toast. So, I did! It was a hit. My family loved it. It was perfectly baked and warm. Sar 69


For kids, I ordered their yummy meatball sliders. Mini sandwiches with meatballs and marinara sauce along with mozzarella cheese. These were even tastier than I was expecting them to be. Sar 52


I tried their Freshly squeezed orange juice and it was wayy better than most of the restaurants guys, trust me. 24 sar


And guess what, I tried their Pomegranate Italian soda for the first time and it was just awesome. Sar 24


Kids can choose their complimentary ice cream included with their Kid’s meal. For the Gelato flavors, my kids loved the mango while I tried strawberry, being a big strawberry lover. Lol 🙂  Single for 14 sar ,duo for 22 sar,  trio for 30 sar

For our dessert, I ordered Crème brûlée. It was my first time eating this dessert. Perfectly baked vanilla crust with caramelized sugar. Just loved eating this super delish dessert. Sar 36


Their tiramisu is one of the best tiramisus in Riyadh. A must try. Sar 38

The best thing was their friendly and efficient staff. They were taking care of the kids, the food and everything. One of the best staff best kids friendly restaurant in Riyadh KSA without any doubt.  For their location and menu, please head over to their own website.

My kids accompany me maximum times so if I am saying I was comfortable dining out somewhere, I mean it. Let me know how was your experience with Piatto KSA? I would love to know 🙂

loads of love,

Saima Nadeem aka Asupertiredmom


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