Potty training a toddler-4 tips that work!


Well well well! Potty training and toddlers… not a perfect match.. Lol 🙂 but oh yes, it is one of the most important things you will teach your kids that would help them throughout their lives. See, the reward is BIG.. Potty traning a toddler is no less than a mission but you are teaching these tiny miny creatures life long lesson. So please just calm down if potty training is driving you crazy!

I am a mom of two super active toddlers. Their attention span is not more than ONE minute. Potty training? Oh boy , I was in the same boat like you a year ago. My house was a mess. My son is a messy boy, let me clear that. 🙂

Well if you are about to start potty training or already in the mid of this war, I am here with some truly practical tips of potty training a toddler that would genuinely help you keep your sanity.

How to find out if your toddler is ready? 

The first sign that your toddler is ready for potty training is when they feel bad when their diaper or nappy is dirty or wet. Or when they start expressing that they have to pee or poop. It doesn’t matter if your toddler is 2 years or 3 years. The only thing that matters is that they should be able to feel that they are dirty and they need mommy to wash their butt. So stop comparing your kids to others. Stop listening to other moms telling proudly that their toddler was trained at just 1 and a half year 🙂 not every kid is same. Trust your child signs and follow them. They will always go for potty without you when they grow up so just chill now.

Introduce potty before you have to start potty training 

Potty training a toddler is one of the most significant events in a toddler’s life. Don’t just give them a shock by forcing them to sit on the potty. You can do these things to make your kid understand the concept of potty training;

  1. Go shopping for potty together. Let them choose theirs.
  1. Show them related videos. Yes it’s gross but it works wonders 🙂
  1. Encourage some diaper free time at home. Let them pee in their pants.
  1. Change diapers to pull ups or diaper pants to avoid accidents.
  1. Buy cute pants for them. My son wears a superhero theme under wear. Lol.
  1. Tell them whenever you go washroom that you also need to use washroom for potty. Kids tend to follow their parents so this might work for you. 🙂

Be consistent in potty training your toddler 

I have seen many moms who start potty training but after a week or two, they give up. This is not a good idea because if you will leave training in the middle, next time you would have to start from zero again. Just be patient and be consistent. It takes time. Make sure you don’t get distracted much or not too busy in other things. Here are few points to keep the consistency;

  1. Set reminders every 30 mins to take your toddler to potty.
  1. Atleast let them sit for around 5 mins on the potty.
  1. Don’t make your kids wear diapers, switch to under wears.
  1. Keep wipes and cleaning clothes within reach. So that you don’t get too mad.

Reward your kids for performing well 

Many people are against this rewards system but trust me, it works. My older son was super easy to train but my little one gave me literally a hard time. I tried everything for him but the only tips that worked are all that I have mentioned here and the rewards system too. Create a chart and let them earn the rewards. Be it a candy jar or their favorite game or stickers. You know your child, you should be the one choosing what reward should be there. But don’t giveup in potty training your toddler and stay strict that they will not get a reward if they don’t pee or poop on the potty.

I hope these tips may work for you. 🙂 Are there any tips you guys want to share? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂 you never know when your little help may work for another mommy!

Loads of love and hugs,

Saima Nadeem


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