Get your toddler to sleep in his bed in these 10 easy steps! 

So you are here, because your toddler is giving you a hard time sleeping in his bed? Right! So welcome dear mom and consider it a high five because I was in the same boat 🙂 I had the same situation before when my toddler was not willing to sleep in his bed that we specially bought for him. He wanted to sleep with me, in my bed, between me and my husband. Yeah! You could feel the pain, right? So let’s get back to the point and let me tell you how I fixed this. I have been doing this for few months now and it works! Yayyyyyy. Checkout how; 

  1. If you are a coffee addict, like me, just have a cup because you are going to make this impossible mission, POSSIBLE!  
  2. No matter how many times your toddler wants to watch cartoons or wants to take a bath, don’t listen to him, OKAY?  
  3. It’s time to sleep so all toys need to sleep too. Help your toddler line them all up in his bed and make sure all of them are comfortable. 
  4. Now tuck your toddler in his bed and lie beside him. DON’T let him leave the bed no matter how many times he throws away the toys. 
  5. Now the story time comes up! Tell your toddler as many stories as you memorize and don’t worry if you have to tell him one story a hundred times over. 
  6. When stories are over, kiss your toddler and pat on his back. Whisper good night baby and just try to leave the bed. I said TRY. Just don’t expect much. But TRY! 
  7. Go back to your toddler’s room because he is screaming like a dinosaur. No, don’t cry please. Just pretend you are asleep once you are again in his bed. 
  8. Check if your toddler is already asleep and gently leave him and his bed and step outside the room. Make sure you are holding your breath because toddler’s ears are super sensitive. 
  9. Congrats you are able to leave your toddler’s room. Now just don’t move or don’t do anything for the fear of your kid waking up.  
  10.  Another scream from the toddler’s room? Leave everything and go lie down with him and just pretend to sleep again. Your child will sleep for sure but I cannot guarantee you that you will not! Now you will wakeup with a backpain because of sleeping with your toddler in his tiny bed. But your toddler had a nice sleep. MISSION SUCCESSFUL. Although not 100% but 50 % is also not bad either. 🙂 

So this is how I am trying for many months now and it works! How simple is that? 

Any suggestions and tips are welcome 🙂 

Loads of love, 

A Super Tired Mom aka Saima 



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