10 ways to relax when you are pregnant! 

Relaxation and pregnancy; well not a good combination, but don’t worry, I got you! The cases of stress and anxiety in pregnancy are not rare. More than one in every ten women have stress during pregnancy, especially when you have older kids and you work too. Pressures at your workplace, your relationships, home and health issues play a significant role in your tiredness and stress factor. You may feel overwhelmed at times with sickness and overthinking too. You cannot avoid this, but you can definitely do something to reduce the anxiety and take care of yourself as well as the tiny human growing inside your body.

Find out these 10 ways to unwind yourself and relax when you are pregnant.

1.Talk, talk and talk! 

It may sound stupid but talking is what you really need when you feel overwhelmed with so much going on during pregnancy. Get things off your chest, talk to a trusted one and discuss what is bothering you. It could be a family member, your spouse, a friend or a co-worker. Just talk how you feel and trust me, you would feel lighter and better.

2.Keep some time for yourself only 

With older kids, family responsibilities and house chores, pregnant women tend to forget themselves and stop taking care of them. But this shouldn’t happen at all. Visit salon, get a pedicure, take a long bath and enjoy that new movie in cinema. Just don’t forget you need to be happy and healthy in order to keep your baby happy.

3.Take care of your diet 

You may love to eat all junk and unhealthy when you are pregnant but believe me, you need healthy diet. Your growing baby needs nutrition and you are his only source. Do you want to starve him of nutrients and healthy food? Offcourse not! Then re think before you prefer eating pizza instead of that healthy sandwich next time.

4.Exercise every other day 

Pregnancy is not a sickness, it’s a condition. Do you know that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy have healthier babies and bodies as compared to those ones who spend more time on bed. So stop worrying and get yourself in groove.

5.Socialize more 

Reach out to more mommies and pregnant women and socialize. You will learn more about pregnancy and the way to deal with it. There are plenty of pregnancy groups and websites you could join and feel good.

6.Reach out for help 

I have seen many women feeling shy to ask for help even when they most need it. What are your friends and family members for? They are there to help you. So reach out and ask for the help you need. There is no shyness in asking for a helping hand.

7.Don’t push your limits 

Fear of letting somebody down, fear of performing bad in office, fear of not taking care of your family enough are the reasons why you feel tired all time. Say no when you want to and don’t push yourself to the breaking limits.

8.Plan everything ahead 

When you are pregnant, you would need to be extra careful regarding your doctor appointments and meetings. Its better to plan everything and make a schedule. This way, you would know ahead of time if you have something important to do and reduce the anxiety of over working yourself.

9.Don’t believe myths and other’s stories 

When I was pregnant, my grandma used to tell me stuff that was all myth and it used to worry me to my core. But don’t do that to yourself. Don’t believe the myth that eating this or drinking that would affect you or your kid unless stated by your doctor. Wearing a specific color or going out on a specific day would be harmful, these are just plain lies. Don’t believe them!

10.Trust your body 

Last but not least, during pregnancy, there would be times you may not feel good and need to see a doctor or a midwife. If you are not feeling right at some time, don’t ignore it and just visit your doctor. Don’t just search for answers online. Trust your body, what it is telling you and do what is needed.

If these tips wouldn’t help you and you still feel bad, please visit your doctor as you may be suffering from depression or some hormonal imbalance issue. Just take care of yourself as much as you can.

If you have any tips, share with me. I would love to know more about this. 🙂

Loads of love;

A Supertired Mom



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