6 Habits of husbands that their wives hate! 

Are you married, then you should definitely read this and if you are not, for God sake read this before you get married! Lol yes. Married life is not an easy ride guys. Sharing your each and everything with another person is not an easy thing and that too for the rest of your whole life. When we were kids, we used to watch our parents and maybe you too wonder, like me, that how did they manage! Like, how can you choose to live with the person who drives you crazy all time and you also drive him mad in return. Lol!

Well, jokes apart, marriage is a beautiful relationship and there is love and care that keeps this strong. But here are some really annoying habits of our husbands that we, wives hate! Plz ask your husbands to read this and let us know if that’s correct or not 🙂

1.Fight for remote is not less than a war 

I just don’t understand that our husbands need to use their mobiles and tv remote simultaneously. Like why? And then changing channels repeatedly and that too in a high volume. Guys, please remember, other people also live in the same house and they also deserve to watch tv.

2. Comparing everything their wife does with other women 

Now this is really wrong! There is nothing worse than this for a woman that her husband compares her with other women. Be it mother in law or sister in law or even a friend’s wife. Just don’t do that ever to your wife okay!

3.Eating, sleeping, watching tv on one couch 

We all have dining tables and beds but our husbands love their couches. Right infront of tv, they wana sit there all weekend and wont even get up for lunch or anything. What does that mean? Could any husband make me understand please!

4.Fake offers for house help 

Well, I would say that yes, men help but that means helping after a week or forgetting for straight 100 times. This is not the kind of help we women want. If a switch is broken, it needs to be replaced guys. If we need help in something, its needed right that time, not after few days. When will husbands understand that!

5.Towels on the bed and sofa 

If your husband doesn’t do this, you are one lucky woman. 🙂 The towel and dirty clothes argument is an old one and nobody could fix this till now. Hoping for the best in the future.

6.Checking out other women 

Do you know the fact that men are really bad at hiding this. They cannot hide that they are actually checking out somebody else. But wives hate this! Of course every wife would not like this. So guys, plz if your wife catch you checking out anybody, plz apologize instead of saying no! Wives find out everything. Lol

I am sure we all love our husbands but these habits really need to be changed! It doesn’t mean I hate my husband. These are just the habits and with love and care, you could change these too. But only if you are really lucky. Lol.

Is there any other habit of husbands that should be in the list? Don’t forget to share with us. 🙂

Sending prayers for our husbands;

Saima Nadeem aka A Supertired Mom


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