How to Teach your kids to Apologize instead of just saying “Sorry” 

Sorry” is one of the hardest words to say. But why is this so? Why not Hello or Happy? Why are so many people unable to utter this word just like their Hellos! And if you are a parent of a young kid, you must know how difficult it is to get your kid to say Sorry when they have wronged a sibling or a friend.  

Do you know that according to childcare experts, you should never force your little ones to say “Sorry”. That doesn’t mean your kids could get away with bad behavior. Parents should teach their kids about WHY their behavior was wrong or WHAT they can do about that instead of just asking them to say this five letters word, Sorry! Asking your kid to say sorry when he hits a fellow while playing wouldn’t help but explaining WHY this is wrong will. So, when such situations happen, what you can do as a parent?  

Checkout these amazing and practical ways to make your kids learn how to apologize when they are wrong and not feel bad about it.  

Start teaching them at young age 

We, as parents do this mistake that when our kids are young, we think saying sorry is not needed and when they grow up, we expect them to behave well and apologize too. This is so wrong at so many levels. By the age of 3 years, kids can understand their surroundings and also when they are right or wrong. And by the age of 5 years, they can learn to genuinely say sorry when needed. So don’t underestimate kid’s learning and abilities and make them learn good habits and manners when they are still young.  

Show them the difference between Good and Bad behavior 

Parents and teachers are the role models for kids. When we do something wrong or hurt somebody, it’s important to show kids that we apologize and say sorry. When somebody makes us happy, we should show kids that we say thanks and be grateful. This is how you can teach your kids to apologize without even forcing them. They will copy your actions so next time there is a situation, make sure to use that well.  

Help kids identify the problems 

A hollow apology is not even worth it so try to teach your kids to find out the reason behind the situation. If you are asking your kid to say sorry to his friend, tell him WHY you are asking this. His friend is hurt and that’s why he should say sorry as it would make him feel better. Try to explain the cause and you will see your kids will apologize without feeling bad.  

Don’t make your kids feel unloved  

Doing something wrong doesn’t mean you should deprive your kid of your love. Infact show him more love that now you have done something wrong and you have said sorry, so now you are a good person. Show more love and affection.  

Be a role model for your kids 

Being a parent, I could tell you that kids copy everything I do. So what I can do to make the most out of this? Of course I will show them the importance of apologizing and saying sorry. If I am wrong, if I am angry with them, I say sorry later and explain why I was angry and why I yelled at them. They will learn gradually and act the same way.  

Well, it’s not a oneday thing that you think you could do. You have to be consistent in this matter. Make sure you and your spouse and anybody who is interacting with your kids are on the same page. Set the rules and follow them. For kids, its not a big deal if you make them understand how to apologize from a younger age. I hope these tips would work for you. 🙂  

Loads of love,


A Supertired Mom 

Saima Nadeem 

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