Why Stay at Home moms are always tired! 

Come, find the real reason why SAHMs are tired, even more than you think and a little encouragement and love for those emotionally and physically exhausted mamas! Mothers with younger kids often have a style. A messy bun with a pair of pajamas and ketchup stained shirt. They don’t keep themselves stylish or do their hair more often. Are they really that much tired?  

So here is my theory on why Stay at home moms are super tired; check it out below! 

They don’t get a proper sleep 

If you are a sahm, you would agree that even after a long 10 hours sleep, you wake up tired. The reason is that our minds never sleep! Even if our eyes are closed and we are sleeping, we are aware because this is how we are supposed to be. Is the tap running? Is the microwave on? Baby is up for a milk bottle? Little one needs a blanket? Baby just spoiled his diaper? There is a LOT going on in our minds so we never sleep peacefully. And when our husbands sleep even for 6 hours, they get up fresh. The difference is obvious! 

They have less time for themselves 

Even if stay at home moms stay home all day, they get less time for themselves whole day. From sun up to sun down, moms are focused on others. Be it their kids or partner or house chores. Even a trip tp bathroom is a mission for sahms. If you are a working mom, you can get to meet somebody and have some adult talk to relieve the burden and you can go washroom in peace, ALONE! But if you stay at home, you couldn’t even imagine that. It’s a blessing no doubt, but its equally tiring and that’s why sahms are exhausted 24/7. 

They are multi-taskers 

I am a stay at home mom and trust me I am doing 6 things almost at one time. Cooking dinner, washing dishes, feeding my kids, preparing smoothies for my little one, wiping the counters, talking on phone, searching for articles to keep my sanity, updating my blog and so on! This list never ends. This is super duper tiring for my mind as well as for my body! Multi-tasking is no joke guys.  

There are even more reasons why we, stay at home moms are always saying we are tired. Somedays I cannot even take a nap if my kids are up because if I do, I would wake up to a messy house that would need cleanup of hours.  

But guess what, stay at home mom or a working mom, after so many years, we all are gona look back at this time and smile! Because that’s what we mothers do! 

Loads of love, 

Saima Nadeem aka A Supertired Mom 



  1. Girl, if I could reach through this computer right now I would give you an oscar for being a great mom and sacrificing your sleep for your family!! I too am a stay at home mom and let me tell ya. I COMPLETELY understand. My son has had 3 ear infections back to back in the past 2 months and my youngest is teething. NO SLEEP!!! But worth it… 🙂


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