Why women need more sleep than men?

Is it true that women actually need to sleep more than men? Men would never agree to this fact as they consider women equal in the matter of sleep, yes atleast in this matter. 🙂 lol

Have you ever noticed that if you and your partner come back from a late night event and the next day, you are still tired but your partner is fresh after a 6,7 hours sleep? You guys slept for the equal time but still tired? Doesn’t make any sense? But yes this is a fact because according to many recent studies, women really need more sleep to function well 😉 so yayyy!

If you talk about various reasons, that why we, women need more sleep, there are lots of them. Lets talk about these notorious reasons one by one here;

Busier and complex schedules! 

One of the main reason why women are tired EVERYTIME and sleepy EVERYTIME is because they have busier schedules. Multi tasking is a skill women master but this is equally tiring. Women use their brains 24/7 unlike men. 🙂 trust me this is true. Have you ever asked your partner what is he thinking and he may answer NOTHING! But you can never say NOTHING because you are always thinking something. And even in one time, your partner would be doing ONE thing but you would be doing like 10 multiple things. Agreed?

Women’s brains need more time to recover! 

So connecting to the first reason, a busier schedule, the time to recover from this is also lengthy as compared to men. When we use our brains more, we need more recovery time. I am not saying men don’t think or use their brains. Those men who are in complex jobs involving decision making and lateral thinking, they take longer time to recover. That’s why you may have seen many men who are actually sleepy just like women. The reason behind all this is a busy mind.

Hormones and mood swings! 

Thanks to womanhood, we are more prone to hormonal changes and mood swings unlike men. Even if we, women get to bed on time, our hormones and irritability wont let us sleep! The reason to blame for? HORMONES! We go through so many changes throughout month. Our monthly cycles, our mood swings, everything is interconnected. Did you ever notice that during your monthly cycle, you are more moody and grumpy? That’s actually because of all those stupid hormonal changes going on. This results in sleep deprivation and obviously, to overcome that, we need MORE sleep. 🙂

Because we are moms! 

And here comes the most common reason why women, specially who are moms, need more sleep! Who breastfeed the baby midnight? Mom! Who wakes up  in the middle of the night to make bottle for the baby? Mom! Who changes the diapers during night? Ofcourse mommies! I am not saying men don’t help or support you. If you have a supportive husband or a helping hand, you are lucky because most women don’t have that. I don’t have that! So getting up and then sleeping back is a long cycle and men don’t go through this so they wont understand WHY we are sleepy even when we wakeup in the morning. 🙂

So these are the real reasons why we need more sleep. But we can try to overcome this by trying to relax more. By switching off lights and our devices before bed time. Have a relaxing bath or try using essential oils for a better sleep. If still you are not sleeping properly, do visit your doctor for any deficiencies or problems.

These are my own views and opinions and I am sole responsible for writing this blogpost. I hope you guys could relate to this 🙂 if you like to read my rants and posts, don’t forget to follow me ❤

Loads of love from a very Supertired Mom, Saima Nadeem. 🙂


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