Did you smile today mom? 

Did you smile today mom? 

My son who is almost 6 years old loves to draw. You would find him drawing our family photos, landscapes, doodles and anything he imagines. Then whenever he finishes his artwork, I ask him to tell me the story behind that drawing, and he tells me whatever he was thinking. Today he showed me a doodle drawing and told me mama is sad and angry. I never realized he would notice that much because in reality I was also angry on few things today. I was surprised. 

I thought just by being a good mom to my kids, a good wife to my husband, feeding them healthy meals, giving them everything they need and taking care of home was ENOUGH for my family. But it is not! There is something missing that my son noticed! It was MY SMILE! 

He noticed me smiling and playing with him every day but when I didn’t do that, he reminded me that my smile is missing. You know what, our kids NEED our smiles and laughter. They need our help in finding joys in little things in life.  

Made a perfect meal? Be happy!  

No dirty laundry today? Smile! 

Enjoy being a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister and whatever relations you have. Nobody is going to come and tell you that you NEED to SMILE ! You have to put these simple joys together and smile for YOURSELF! For your FAMILY! 

Its easy to get busy in routines and to do lists and forgetting that powerful SMILE is also easy. You know what makes you a STRONG and a HAPPY mom? Playing with your kids on the floor with those scattered lego and cars and puzzles. Its about eating nuggets with kids when you didn’t cook the meal and spent time with your kid when he was not feeling well. Its about roaming around in the mall and shop for grocery but in the end ordering a pizza instead! Its about simplicity! 

Your smile is CONTAGIOUS mama! Your kids need that smile. Because these days will pass and turn into years and your kids are gona remember that their mom was a smiling and happy mom. Don’t look for a reason to be happy and smile today! 

Lets start this challenge today, don’t let the problems and worries overcome the happiness..don’t forget to kiss your kids and your loved ones and tell them you love them.  

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Sending lots of smiles your way! 

A Supertired but a very Happy Mom! 

This original content is sole property of Saima Nadeem and may not be used, copied or transmitted without prior written consent. 


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