Are you a tired mom who stays up late?

If you are a mommy and despite being too tired, you choose to stay up late, you are going to love these truth bombs. 🙂 Starting from morning routines, most of us get up early in the morning. To make breakfast for husband


and kids, then packing lunches, and if you are a working mom, you have to get ready yourself too. After my husband leaves, I take my first cup of tea and schedule my day mostly so that I don’t mi


ss important stuff.


Maximum time of the day, you will find me negotiating with my kids for an extra bite of green beans or that extra sip of smoothie I made from fresh strawberries and peaches, and eventually I am the one eating all the leftovers. 🙂

Talking about my home, most of the times it’s a disaster, pots and pans in the sink because my kids have more than 5 snacks a day, laundry in the


washing machine, clothes drying on the rack, crayons on the dining table and toys on the sofa. Unless you tell me you are visiting me, you wont find a perfectly clean home 24/7. But you know what, this is a blessing. I am grateful that we have clothes to wear, food to eat, toys to play and a home to live.

Ask me about the bedtime routine. At this time, I am mostly dead on my feet and I walk like a zombie. I make kids sleep after a bath time almost daily, a hundred stories and when they sleep, I get up and collect toys, clothes, plates and glasses from all over the house to keep them back at their places.

This time, when everyone is asleep, I know I should be slee


ping too as my body is craving for some rest and I am already half asleep but I just DON’T ! This is the only time when everything is in place and perfect looking. Its like a trade off thing for me. Either sleep or enjoy that time of solitude. And I choose SOLITUDE every night. 🙂

After putting a pile of laundry in the washing machine, I make myself a cup of tea and I open that pack of cookies that my kids love and eat that while dipping in the tea. Meanwhile using my phone, I reply to my messages, check my notifications, scroll down my Facebook and Instagram feed till the washing cycle is over and then I clean my kitchen because i need my kitchen to be perfectly clean in the morning, then I meal-prep for tomorrow. Cut fruits for morning shake and smoothies. I make my grocery lists too during that time. Sometimes I read a book too or search for some new recip


es or write.

I often hear people saying sleep when your kids sleep or you will never get a full sleep. I know that’s true but I cherish this time of peace when my home is quiet and I don’t wanamiss this. That also doesn’t mean I don’t love my kids and family. I do!

All moms are tired everytime as this tiredness comes with a package of motherhood. Its not a complain, but a reminder that there will be a time when kids are gona grow up and you wont cherish this peaceful time late at night as you will be having plenty of it.

I am sleepy, I am tired, I crave for some back massage and few hours of rest, but I chose to stay up. This is what we moms do! This is what we love! I am sure you are online now because you are enjoying this time, just like me 

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Lots of love,

A Supertired Mom who is hell sleepy right now..zzzzzz


  1. Totally agree. I always choose to stay up and enjoy my solo moments over sleeping. Just savoring the calm before they wake up again and start things all over. We need some rest and quiet too to tale care of ourselves also. Good post indeed😊


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