Dear Father, I will be your little girl forever! 

This post is dedicated to my father, he is one of the strongest and supportive persons I know in this entire world. I love you papa ❤ 

I really don’t have enough words to describe how much our fathers mean to all of us. Nobody could deny the fact that the need of fathers never go away even if we get married and have our own kids. we are always little girls of your fathers no matter what age!  

From where to begin! 🙂 

Papa, you are one of the smartest men I know as back in my childhood, you had answers to all of my questions and you were a jack of all trades. Be it my homework, a drawing, a painting class, a broken toy, a lost game, a quarrel with a friend, a physics theory, you always helped me. You taught me to solve my first quadratic equation and helped me in facing this world. You helped me in writing an essay on my favorite personality and I know you felt so good when I wrote about YOU papa! Because you are my favorite personality of all times. ❤ 

You know there are only few people in your life who never complain no matter how rude you are to them. Your father is one of them and rest of them come later. Fathers always shower love even when we lose our shit. Their presence is enough to make you feel safe. Because this is what fathers do! Keep you safe from everything! ❤ 

I remember when I got married and later I moved to KSA, my father used to email me to ask HOW ARE YOU SAIMA! And those short emails meant a lot to me. He is my calm in the chaos of life. He is my leader and he always fills my empty cup of happiness.  

I know moms also love us and they are equally important but we always talk about moms and motherhood. Lets just talk about fatherhood today! Lets appreciate our fathers for whatever they have done for us. In my entire 20 something life, my father was always there with me. In all life’s situations, in all house drama, in all decisions. He is my go to person.  

Now my kids love their nana. You know why your kids nana’s are so loved and cherished? Because they love your kids selflessly. There is no show off there is no drama. Its pure love! Today I request you all to remember my father and your father too in your prayers. 🙂  

In all those years, papa I see you, I recognize your love and I cherish your presence. Thankyou papa for being everything for me. I may be a grown up mama but for you, I want to be a little girl forever. I am your tiny little girl. 

Lots of love, 

A Supertired Mom ( not so little anymore) 

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