5- Back to School Health Tips for Parents

Now when the summer break is almost over, its time for the kids to head back to their schools. Yeah yeah I know its stressful for many of us, including me and I am damn worried about the routine and everything else. The most important part of going back to school is health. School means a lot of germs and all we can do is to help our kids avoid these as much as possible.  

If your kid is starting school this year, or he has been going school already, in both cases, the hygiene is equally important because kids are prone to sicknesses more often. Its always better to have some safety measures before your kids leave for school. Here are five most common ways to save your kids from germs and illnesses. Check them out; 


Make sure your family is vaccinated before the school starts. Although many schools ask for vaccination cards before admission but if they don’t, its your responsibility to take care of that. Visit your doctor and get advice on vaccination shots and other medicines as a safety measure. 

2-Set Night time routine 

Getting up early for kids is a hard thing specially after summer break. But its necessary for kids to have about 8-10 hours of peaceful sleep each night to stay fit next day. If your kid is not following any routine yet, start it now so that he can be settled down easily when school starts. Sticking to a bedtime is very important so don’t wait and set your bedtime routine now. 

3-Plan healthy lunch options 

Your kid would be spending 4-5 hours in school so sending a healthy lunch should be your priority. Stock up on vegetables and fruits and protein before your kid starts school. Plan a weekly schedule for lunch and stick to it. This will save you a lot of time and will make it easier to pack lunch without any hassle.  

4-Encourage good Hygiene 

With so many kids and people in the school, avoiding germs is almost impossible but you can reduce the chances to get sick by following a healthy routine. Make sure your kid knows how to wash his hands and use a sanitizer. Teach him to wash hands before and after lunch time and not to share towels or water bottle with other kids. Its best to talk to the teacher about this so that she can enforce clean habits for all students equally.  

5-Mental health of kids 

Starting a new school, meeting new people, making new friendships and leaving home for few hours is stressful for many kids. Your kid will not tell you but there would be a lot going on in his mind. As a parent, its our responsibility to ask our kids questions about how was their day, their lunch, their friends, teachers and anything that you think you should be asking. Its very necessary to take care of your kids mental health at this level because the school work, homework, extra activities and other kids may put extra pressure on their little minds. Make sure to extract some time to spend with your school going kids every night before they go to sleep.  

If you want to share any tip, any suggestion, you are most welcome 🙂  

Lots of love, 

A Supertired Mom 

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