3 Laundry Hacks for Moms

Vacations are over..we are back to our routines and kids back to schools.. But one thing is here which is never going back to anywhere.. Guess what is that?

LAUNDRY…Yes..its never going anywhere ..in fact, its even double the amount it was during summer vacations.. You know, schools and uniforms and sports dresses and color days…never ending list! Oh boy!

I am a SUPERTIRED Mom who is always finding ways to sleep. I wish our clothes never got dirty… maybe something gets invented like this, especially for lazy moms like me.. Lol..

So if you are a mama like me, (coughs) , I am pretty sure dirty piles of laundry would haunt you because nothing is worse than a pile of dirty clothes staring right in my eyes when I wakeup in the morning. I am a very lazy mom, but the sight of dirty home, or dirty kitchen or washroom ruins my day.. I make sure everything is super clean BEFORE I sleep! Because if my home isn’t a mess, I am a much patient and happier mama.. Yep that’s me! Lol…

So here are few tried and tested tips for keeping your sanity while doing laundry. Check them out,try to follow these and thank me later 🙂


Yes, try to sort baskets according to colors of clothes. This will save you a lot of time. Whites go with whites, and colors with colors. Even a kid can do that so don’t worry, your toddlers would be happy to help you in this sorting game. 🙂


I know if you are a stay at home mom, the pressure of doing EVERYTHING is there but be a little smarter and get the help of your family, without them knowing of course. Remind your family to put away their clothes according to the laundry baskets. Put a basket in washroom if needed and involve them in folding too. Like if your husband is going through his facebook, involve him in folding clean laundry with you and talk to him. Your work will get done quick. That trick doesn’t work for me sadly but it may work for you. HOPEFULLY!


Washing clothes, folding them and then ironing them is hectic but you can make it enjoyable. You can make all pending calls during your machine cycle, during folding or even during ironing. Utilize your time in a way you like.

So these are just few tips I follow to keep my sanity when it comes to the laundry so that I can be a happy mom at home.

What are your laundry tips? Share with all of us 🙂

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